In between the bookends

Have you ever been in a library and noticed an array of books, either enclosed between or leaning up against two bookends? Imagine God holding you up from the front and back, while allowing you to rest and lean on Him for support. In Matthew 11:28, “God advises all that are weary and burdened, to come to Me and I will give you rest” (NLT). If you’re feeling compelled to give up and quit, please don’t. Stop for a moment and take a break, and be sure to lean upon God. Not only will He strengthen you, but He’ll also direct your path. The end to what you are experiencing is very near, but if you faint now, you’ll never get there. I’m very much aware that no one wants to continuously hear, “It’ll be alright,” or “things will get better,” but If I didn’t tell you, not only would I be lying, but I wouldn’t be obedient to God by sharing His truth. There were times I didn’t believe things would change for the better for me, but when He told me “it ends good,” I trust that it will.

My comforting place is in between the bookends, and before I think about giving up again, there I’ll reside. If you need support, lean on God, because He wants to lift you up.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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