Sit up

Have you ever walked in a room, and quickly realized you we’re bigger than it and everything it contained? I have, and I say that as the most humbling, sincere, and confident person I am. No shade to anyone in my past or present, but I’ve often found myself shrinking who I am, so othersContinue reading “Sit up”

Tired of showing up

I have a mental health wellness journal, where I record my thoughts, feelings, and overall daily self-care. One of the things in particular the journal asks is, “What is something good that happened today?” I always avoid this question, because for the most part, things have not been that good for me, as of late.Continue reading “Tired of showing up”

Fight back

It’s no secret that I struggle with anxiety, and have for many years now. Some days are so bad, I can’t even move, mainly out of fear. While I have gone to therapy and take medicine to treat it, it still can be very overwhelming. I almost hate to explain my situation to people, becauseContinue reading “Fight back”

Back together

This new year is probably the breath of fresh air, so many of us have long needed. For some, 2021 was the year of their lives, while others thought theirs was coming to an end. We’ve all experienced our shares of ups and downs, with most experiencing the latter, but one thing is for certain,Continue reading “Back together”

The End

This year has undeniably been the worst year of my life! Every emotion across the spectrum, I’ve experienced, with most of them being on the bad end. Hit after hit, I’ve taken nothing but losses, and came very close to losing my mind. There were days I didn’t know if I wanted to live orContinue reading “The End”

Broken Faith

On the days I work from home, I normally sit at my dining room table to work, because it can become a bit mundane to sit in my home office all day. One day while on break, I was watching tv, but my attention was quickly diverted to my achievement stand. As I glanced towardsContinue reading “Broken Faith”

Break before you quit

“Hey, I did it! I’m (getting) out of Nursing School,” was the text I received December 02, 2021. “Oh my gosh! Congratulations!! I’m beyond proud of you, and always knew you could and would do it,” was my response. I was completely elated and happy for my former student, because I was supposed to haveContinue reading “Break before you quit”

The war behind the smile

Although some people find it difficult to do, I love smiling. It’s not that I have perfect teeth (nor are they the whitest), but because I’ve got so many reasons to. This may come off as weird, but when I meet people or am talking to someone, and they smile, I often try to figureContinue reading “The war behind the smile”

Do it for them

I had an encounter with a young mother on yesterday, and I although I didn’t have an ounce of strength to lift myself up (it was a rough day), God gave me just enough for her. She was struggling mentally and financially, and at the point of no return. She stated, “I just want toContinue reading “Do it for them”

The other side

Does it seem as though the storms are lasting longer, with no signs of hope in sight? Have your cloudy days blocked the sun rays, making it impossible for you to see the light? Has your joy been drowned in the river of your tears, and anxiety has smothered your will? Are you overwhelmed byContinue reading “The other side”