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He’s bigger

Yet what you suffer now is nothing compared to the Glory He will reveal to us later. ~Romans 8:18

A lot of times when people are in a storm, they tend to get rained on, because they don’t know how to seek shelter. In this particular case, God is our refuge. I hadn’t posted in awhile, partly because I wasn’t inspired and then my family and I somehow managed to get caught in the eye of a big “storm”. Although I’ve encountered many before, I have never experienced one as large as this one.

We are currently going through a storm with one of our family members, and she is not doing well. Based upon certain people’s reactions and words of expression, I feel like a lot of them have given up on her and hope, if they even had any to begin with. The odds are stacked against her and although she is probably in the biggest fight of her life, I know someone who is bigger than her battle.

Although it’s personally her fight, I’ve been conditioned to believe that “when one fights, we all fight”….and fight is exactly what I’ve been doing since I first learned of her (our) bad news. Anytime I’m met with opposition or affronted with any problems (especially ones I can’t handle alone), I automatically go into defense mode. I put on my heaviest and strongest armor and I prepare for war.

For me, that armor has been God and prayer! I know that there isn’t anything I can do medically to help her, but I know someone who can. That’s why, no matter the severity of the problem or if there appears to be no chances of getting out, I know “He” can do anything exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ever ask for (or think of). All we’ve got to do is have faith, hope and believe!

Yes, people give up easily and run at the site of adversity, but God is happy to stand in the gap for us, because He knows nothing is to big for Him to handle. In all honesty, it’s not to big for you to handle either, when all you have to do is turn it over to Him. After all, that’s what He wants you to do anyway. God doesn’t like to see His children hurt; that’s why He chose to suffer for us in the first place.

I know you maybe going through a storm of your own and feel like there isn’t shelter or the sun in site, but there is. You don’t have to go through this battle alone, but you do have to have hope and faith….even if it’s just the “size of a mustard seed”. Keep praying, keep trusting, and keep believing that He is bigger than anything you are going through……and He will get you through!

Until next time my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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Eventually, you’ll come out!

For years, I was in a deep dark hole and I didn’t know if I’d ever come out or slide farther in. However, what I did know was, no matter what I was facing, I couldn’t let it swallow me up! I haven’t been the most vocal when it comes to Mental Awareness, but no longer faced with the concerns or scrutiny of the world, I can say without shame, I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for a very long time….since the age of 14 to be exact.

At that time, I didn’t know what is was called, but I knew something wasn’t right. There would be times I’d have “the blues”, and after a few days or so, I’d feel better. But, when the days gradually turned into weeks and months, I knew I had more than just “the blues”, but a serious problem. Although I was a little reluctant at first, I shared with my Primary Care Physician at that time, what I was battling with. After a series of tests, she gave me two options: a prescription or a referral.

Not wanting either, I eventually conceded, because I felt I had already lost anyway. I took the medication, but later stopped, because I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I saw an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) for awhile, but even that did nothing for me, except resent my PCP for referring me in the first place. After I gave up on both, I started to self-medicate, but none of my remedies was working. At that point, that deep dark hole, was starting to look like home.

As long as I was in that hole, I was surrounded by darkness and the idea that I’d never get out. More than a conqueror, I knew I had so much to offer and a lot of life still to live. So, I started to dig and crawl my way up, but every time I reached the top, I’d slip and slide right back down. This continued for years, until I finally gained enough strength and adopted the mindset of a survivor. Equipped with this, I was well on my way to becoming free!

Would I surprise you if I told you I finally got out…..THIS YEAR?! 20 years later, I managed to crawl out of that hole and I have no intentions of falling back in! Some of you may be in a hole, almost at the top, or have accepted the fact that you’ll never see the light of day again. However, I’m here to tell you, it may take days, months, years even, but eventually, you’ll come out! But, you’ve got to WANT to come out! It may seem as though things will never get better, but they will!

Do you want to live or survive? As long as you’re in that hole, you’re only living. But the minute you decide you want to survive, is the second you will do everything in your power to come out of your situation. No matter how your situation looks, don’t give up, and more importantly, whatever you do, DON’T STOP CRAWLING! Keep digging until you are no longer surrounded by darkness and dirt!

Until next time Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue