I was used

I’ve gone through a lot, but I did it all for you. I didn’t intentionally mean for things to happen as they have, because if the decision was mine, it would’ve never been made. Excuse me if I sound bitter, but I was used to make things a little bit sweeter for you. Do youContinue reading “I was used”

Do it for them

I had an encounter with a young mother on yesterday, and I although I didn’t have an ounce of strength to lift myself up (it was a rough day), God gave me just enough for her. She was struggling mentally and financially, and at the point of no return. She stated, “I just want toContinue reading “Do it for them”

He constantly stayed

When your spouse left, because the love was no longer there, because of His love for you, God stayed. When your money ran out, so did the people, but because of His love for you, God stayed. When your family disowned you and stopped coming around, because of His love for you, God stayed. WhenContinue reading “He constantly stayed”

Through the roof

We all know that God can make a way, out of no way, but do you know, so can you? All you need is faith. In some areas of your life, you’ve become lame, stuck, or stagnant. No matter how long you’ve been this way, what you’ve tried to do to get out, or changeContinue reading “Through the roof”

No limits

As I gear up for the release of my new book, not only am I excited to complete yet another milestone in my life, but I’m beyond excited with what this book is going to do for the lives of others. This book was supposed to have been completed and released almost a year ago,Continue reading “No limits”

Wait for it

Hey NOTE takers! I have some exciting news!!! Are you ready? Wait for it……surprise! The “wait” is almost over. I have a new book coming to you soon via Amazon, entitled Surviving the wait. How I learned to be still and wait on God. Although pretty self-explanatory, I have compiled many of my life experiencesContinue reading “Wait for it”

Where are we going?

It’s normal when you are going through tumultuous times, for you to have feelings of frustration, anger, and resentment. It’s normal that you have mood swings, an unpleasant attitude towards your situation and life, and it’s perfectly normal that you question God, “Why?” I know a lot of people take issue with questioning God, beingContinue reading “Where are we going?”

Until it’s a reality

“Your life is like a stock chart. Stocks take dips so when your life takes a dip, it ain’t (the) time to trip. It ain’t (the) time to sell the stock. You have to remember, you are a blue-chip stock.” ~Steve Harvey In a few weeks, I’ll be releasing my 4th book, Surviving the wait. How I learned toContinue reading “Until it’s a reality”

A better place

June 13, 2021, was one of the worst days of my life! My mother called and informed me that my father had passed. Although I was extremely sad, I wasn’t the least bit surprised, because 2 years prior, God had informed and prepped me that his time was coming to an end. The day beforeContinue reading “A better place”

You thought wrong

“Lord, I thought you said you’d never leave me nor forsake me,” yet you’ve left me to face this battle on my own. “Lord, I thought you said that by your stripes we are healed,” yet my dad suffered and died from COVID. “Lord, I thought you said that no weapon formed against me shallContinue reading “You thought wrong”