An opening

Yesterday, I called the dealership where I purchased my truck, concerning a part I desperately need. I was advised three weeks ago, that the part would be here, yet I’m still without it. I reached out to the service department to ascertain that what I need, had finally arrived. Jennifer answered my call, and advised me my part was there, and had been for two weeks. Talk about being teed off. To make matters worse, she told me the earliest appointment they had to service my truck, was September 17th. Lady, what??? I was so disappointed and upset, because I had been waiting for weeks on that part, which is critical to my truck working properly.

I said, “I can’t wait that long, because if I do and continue to drive my truck, I won’t have one.” Sensing my frustration, she replied, “Give me a minute, and allow me to check on something.” As I awaited for her return, I imagined how difficult it was going to be, to run errands, go to appointments, go to the office to work, and so much more, should my truck go out of commission. “Hey Deetra (my first name),” I heard a voice say. “Yes, I replied.” “We’ve been having a lot of no shows and cancellations, so if you want, you can drop your truck off, and when we receive another cancellation, we’ll slide you in asap, and you won’t have to wait until 9/17.”

I was not happy that I still have to wait on something that was supposed to have been done weeks ago, but I was relieved, and thankful that God had created an opening for me. Your situation may be more severe than my car, and it may not look like anything will come through, but when God creates the space, all you need to do is slide right on in!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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