Unexpected help

Many months ago, I was pinching pennies, trying to make sense of why I was counting them to begin with. Then it dawned on me, I didn’t have any money! I fell to my knees praying, but I don’t recall if it was from my depleted account or energy. Simply put, I was tired! IContinue reading “Unexpected help”

Better than the former

Where you once lacked, God is about to bless you abundantly. Everything that you’ve lost, was taken from you, or withheld from you, God is going to give it back, plus so much more! I’m pretty sure you may feel what you’re up against contradicts everything I’ve said, but don’t believe the lies. What’s comingContinue reading “Better than the former”

Broken Faith

On the days I work from home, I normally sit at my dining room table to work, because it can become a bit mundane to sit in my home office all day. One day while on break, I was watching tv, but my attention was quickly diverted to my achievement stand. As I glanced towardsContinue reading “Broken Faith”

It took awhile

A lot of our development takes place in the dark. Rather than shine the spotlight on us to highlight what He’s doing in our lives, God will often keep the curtain closed until He’s ready for the big reveal. Although others aren’t always privy to our journey or what takes place behind the scenes, letContinue reading “It took awhile”

The next one

I’m sure everyone has watched Netflix’s most popular show, Squid Games, and for those of you who haven’t, “Why?” Nonetheless, I was reading an article on Hwang Dong-hyuk, the Writer and Creator of the show, and it left me so inspired. He stated that it took him 10 years (yes 10), to get the showContinue reading “The next one”

Stay right there

A woman I’ve been knowing for a very long time, had issues with management at her previous job. Having received no complaints from customers, management, or staff, she presumed she was doing a job well done. A year into her role, issues arose, which quickly caused her eyebrows to raise. Within months, she was targeted,Continue reading “Stay right there”

Worth the wait

It took me longer than anticipated, but I finally got it done. I am so excited, happy, and proud to say, I have yet another book on Amazon! Never in a million years, did I think I’d have two books on one of the largest platforms in the world, let alone one. More times thanContinue reading “Worth the wait”

He constantly stayed

When your spouse left, because the love was no longer there, because of His love for you, God stayed. When your money ran out, so did the people, but because of His love for you, God stayed. When your family disowned you and stopped coming around, because of His love for you, God stayed. WhenContinue reading “He constantly stayed”

Wait for it

Hey NOTE takers! I have some exciting news!!! Are you ready? Wait for it……surprise! The “wait” is almost over. I have a new book coming to you soon via Amazon, entitled Surviving the wait. How I learned to be still and wait on God. Although pretty self-explanatory, I have compiled many of my life experiencesContinue reading “Wait for it”

Until it’s a reality

“Your life is like a stock chart. Stocks take dips so when your life takes a dip, it ain’t (the) time to trip. It ain’t (the) time to sell the stock. You have to remember, you are a blue-chip stock.” ~Steve Harvey In a few weeks, I’ll be releasing my 4th book, Surviving the wait. How I learned toContinue reading “Until it’s a reality”