Stronger than the pack

Instinctively, when your sense of danger is heightened, you immediately go into protection mode. You’ll use all of your strength and might to defend yourself, just to keep harm away. The preyer (not to be confused with prayer) is very much aware of your resiliency and strength, so rather than lodge their attack, they’ll leave, only to return with their pack. Automatically, I am reminded of wolves, because it’s the method in which they use to travel. Not to mention, they pull their strength from others, because they depend upon them to live.

Sounds familiar? Your haters are the wolves you face. Whether it be family or counterfeit friends, everybody has encountered a wolf or two in their life. Stopping at nothing, they’ll use anything they can to hurt you, but once they realize how unaffected you are, they’ll back down, and seek help, because they know it’s impossible to take you down by themselves. Even still, it doesn’t matter how many there are or what they do. They’ll never be able to hurt you, because you’re stronger than the pack!

When people talk, let them!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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