When everybody is moving, but you

One of my biggest pet peeves, is being stuck in traffic! Just the mere thought of waiting, let alone for hours, is enough to make my blood boil. As a struggling waiter (not to be confused with stewardess), sitting still drives me insane, because I know what needs to be done, yet I have no control over the situation. You see, I have got to get going, because I have somewhere I need to be, but I can’t regulate traffic. So, I have no choice but to sit in frustration, have patience and wait until the “way is clear”. Inch by inch, I’m progressing, but I’m just not going fast enough. I look to the right of me and see an opening, so I quickly try to jump into that lane. However, the car that sits behind notices it to, and immediately pulls forward, leaving me right where I’m at, stuck. But, the thing about it is, I’m not really stuck; I’m just at a standstill.

The paradigm that I just used, is a true representation of my life, and no doubt some of yours. Although I’m extremely successful and thriving, I’ve got a meeting with my purpose, and I can’t afford to be late or wait. Rather than stay in my lane and sit still until it’s time to move, I try to jump in someone else’s lane, because theirs is moving faster than mine. Damn! When is it going to be my turn, I constantly ask, while sitting in suspense and enduring the delay. However, I have come to the realization that, God is not on a timeline, I am. God is not in a rush, I am. God is not going to give me what I want, when I want it, especially if it’s not intended for me. Just because you see someone else is moving, doesn’t mean you’re not. You’re just not moving the way you want to, because God knows what’s best for you.

I know a lot of us are in situations that we’ve grown beyond tired of. We want out so bad and will stop at nothing, to be let loose. But, God is not going to release you, until it’s time for you to move! It doesn’t matter what you do to expedite the process, it won’t become complete, until He says you’re done!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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