On the right path

A year ago, I wanted to quit my job. Although I love what I do, it was no longer fulfilling to me. My energy went from a ten to a 4, and I started to question what was I doing “this” for. However, because of the nature of my job and the fact that so many people depend on me and rely upon my energy to get them going, I kept going. But, my love for something else kept me going after it. Therefore, I applied for job, after job after job. Although I didn’t expect to get all of them, I did think I had at least one in the bag. However, the only thing that was in my bag, was the ever growing letters of denial I had received.

“Are you serious”? Is what I kept asking, because there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt, that I wasn’t going to get one offer. After all, how could I not, when I was more than qualified. I was so upset and hurt, to say the least, because I just knew I was on my way out. But, I couldn’t leave, because God needed me to stay. Not just for my students, but for the person who was on their way to me. Unaware of any of this, I still fought to leave. Besides, I felt I had done my due diligence and it was time to head in a different direction. Sad to say, the only direction I was headed to, was back into my office. I felt defeated! So, I just resigned to the idea that I must be there for a reason.

Many months ago, I met this individual who is in a really bad situation. Regrettably, this person had taken a few wrong turns too many, and ended up in a place I’m sure no one would want to be. After getting to know this individual on a more deeper level, I saw the guilt, hurt and pain, not only as remorse for what was done, but what was done to said individual. Not knowing what else to do, I immediately went into counsel mode. Although what this person had done was senseless, after a couple of months of talking, it all made sense to me. The reason I couldn’t flee, was because this person needed me!

Had I left when I did, we would’ve never crossed paths, and I wouldn’t have positively impacted this individual, let alone changed their life for the better. Ultimately, they didn’t know better existed or how to do anything right, because for the majority of their life, all they knew and did was wrong. And damn wrong at that! As a result of the crossing of our paths, I’ve gained a life-long friend and someone who has helped me to recognized some things in myself, that I thought I had confronted and resolved. Sometimes I question, “What would’ve happened had I left”?

I’m sure I will never know, but one thing that I do know, God knows exactly what He’s doing. Just because you see an open path, doesn’t mean you’re supposed to take it. You may be in a similar situation as I was. You are trying your best to get out, because your next best thing is waiting for you down the road. However, God can see further down the road, while our sight is limited to what’s in front of us. In other words, we can’t see what He can. There maybe something down the line that could potentially hurt you or put you in a place far worse than the one you’re in. I know you want to leave, but be still, because you are on the right path! When the time comes, He’ll move you!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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