Broken eggs

He hurt me, but this time I gave him permission
I never thought he’d take my fragile heart and twist it into every position
Except the one that intertwines his and mine together
But instead of love what I ended up getting
Was another storm to weather

Or could I? After all, I’d been in the rain for far too long
His hurtful words darkened my day
And is the reason the sun is gone

Far out of distance where it doesn’t shine any warmth into my life
When he wrecked my happiness he left me paralyzed
Wondering if I’d ever love right

Or wrong, because of the way he treated me
And ignored my presence although I was there
And despite me being only one finger touch away
Sadly, he didn’t care

Or bother to take advantage of my love
Because he was of afraid of the things to be said
Rather than speaking up and defending his feelings for me
He chose to be silent instead

Of helping me carry this heavy burden
He placed on my heart and head
And because I foolishly placed all my hopes in one basket
I’m left counting broken eggs

Never put too much ‘stock” into someone, because we all know how fast things “crash”.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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