Hold on, it gets better!

“Don’t give up when dark times come. The more storms you face in life, the stronger you’ll be. Hold on. Your greater is coming.”
Germany Kent

I talk about God a lot (get over it), and I converse with Him daily! Almost to the point, I have to preface and say, “I know we just talked, but I forgot something”. Am I the only one that finds humor in that (probably)? Earlier this year, when I was completing my goal board, I asked God to bless me with everything on my board, and to not wait until the end of the year to do it. I know, the gall of me!

Of the few thousand (LOL) things I asked Him for, was to open the door of endorsements and paid speaking opportunities. Let’s just say, only 3 months into the new year, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with RAH High School students. Not only are they paying me for the event, but they are also purchasing copies of my first book, “Glitter but no gold: How I turned my wounds into wisdom”, AND they are having a book signing for me!

I knew God worked in “Kairos time” (meaning His timing), but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I have been in complete awe and shock, because this just seems so surreal to me! I kept saying to myself, “Somebody wants to PAY to hear me speak”!!!! Not only that, I have been tapped to be Guest Speaker of my church and I’ve already booked other paid speaking engagements as well! God is truly good, and I am forever grateful, thankful and appreciative of Him for answering prayers.

There were so many times and days that I thought I’d never get anything I prayed for. It seems I kept sending up requests, and not getting a “yes” in return. However, the “yes” was always there; I simply had to wait for it! Just think, who would’ve known what would’ve happened, had I decided to not “hold on”. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wanted to give up, because I felt it would’ve been better than staying the course.

I know this is only the beginning for me, and I am so grateful and anticipate the things God has in store for me! You too are probably wanting to throw in the towel and quit, but remember, “NO WHITE FLAGS” (see my previous post on this)! You maybe tired and want to just let go, but “hold on, it gets better”!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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