In 4 days, I’ll be celebrating my 35th birthday, and I can honestly say, I have never been more blessed! Aside from the obvious, I have a pretty good life and would have never imagined this for me. I’ve been through the trenches and have weathered a many of storms, and although I’ve made some strides, there’s still a slight overcast looming ahead.

I wish someone had told me years ago, that the place I’m in now, would be one of the most rewarding ones I’ve ever experienced. Had that been the case, I probably wouldn’t have worried, stressed and obsessed ridiculously over my life and whether or not it would turn out right. Although I can’t revisit the past (and I surely wouldn’t want to), there’s “35” things I would like to tell my younger self:

  1. You’re beautiful! #period
  2. Everything is going to be just fine
  3. Be patient
  4. Anxiety is hard to deal with, but you’re tougher
  5. Who cares?
  6. If people choose to talk about you, let them
  7. Don’t be afraid….of ANYTHING!
  8. You are loved
  9. Let them go
  10. Never change yourself to fit the description of what someone says you should be
  11. Live your life
  12. This too shall pass
  13. Wait! It gets better
  14. You’re not always going to be happy
  15. Don’t give up so easily
  16. Do what makes you happy
  17. Not everyone is going to like you…and you’ve gotta be okay with that
  18. Watch your mouth!
  19. You’re not for everybody
  20. Keep going…it’s only UP from here
  21. It’s okay to fall down sometimes, just don’t stay there
  22. Everybody can’t go on your journey with you; it’s yours for a reason
  23. Keep smiling
  24. There’s nothing wrong with your skin….it’s them
  25. You should wear red lipstick more often
  26. You’re not going to experience all W’s
  27. Get over it
  28. Don’t hold yourself hostage to past mistakes
  29. Move on
  30. It’s okay to cry
  31. Just do it
  32. Forgive
  33. You’re going to be a multi-millionaire
  34. Does it really matter?
  35. You are MORE than enough!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

At least I didn’t give up

I don’t feel like fighting today, so that’s it, you win

Call me lazy, worthless or whatever you may, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already done the same

Every new day is looking more and more like the old

And I don’t think I can continue to relive the past

I should be over this, but I’m not, so bear with me while I talk this shit out

I need to get a grip, but when I think I do, I lose my handle

I’m tired and have never worked so hard to live

Funny, because I make life seem so easy, right?

Um, yeah, about that…..I have a very good way of manipulating one’s perception

I’m what you would call the “Pen and Teller” of distortion

Because I’ll have you seeing one thing, when it’s something entirely different

Tricks aren’t necessarily my thing, but hey, when you’re desperate, you’ll use whatever you have

Speaking of have, have you ever wondered why people talk about the same thing over and over again?

For some, they’re in need of attention, others a cry for help, but for me, it’s cleansing

Every time I open my mouth to speak, I rid myself of toxins

Otherwise, if I held on to them, they’d kill me…..literally!

Sheesh! The struggle is real, but I want to be able to say I got through it

You probably don’t get me, understand me or my reason for doing what I do

And much like you I sometime feel the same

However, while you’re so busy trying to figure me out

I’m here wondering if I’ll make it out of bed today

My life is like a whirlpool, stuck in one never-ending cycle

But, although I’m not at my best, at least I didn’t give up

I know a lot of my posts are repetitive, hard, admittedly depressing and no doubt “dark”. However, the more and more I talk about my struggles, the closer I get to the “light”. For those of you still struggling to make it through the tunnel, hold on, “A change is going to come”!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Hold on, it gets better!

“Don’t give up when dark times come. The more storms you face in life, the stronger you’ll be. Hold on. Your greater is coming.”
Germany Kent

I talk about God a lot (get over it), and I converse with Him daily! Almost to the point, I have to preface and say, “I know we just talked, but I forgot something”. Am I the only one that finds humor in that (probably)? Earlier this year, when I was completing my goal board, I asked God to bless me with everything on my board, and to not wait until the end of the year to do it. I know, the gall of me!

Of the few thousand (LOL) things I asked Him for, was to open the door of endorsements and paid speaking opportunities. Let’s just say, only 3 months into the new year, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with RAH High School students. Not only are they paying me for the event, but they are also purchasing copies of my first book, “Glitter but no gold: How I turned my wounds into wisdom”, AND they are having a book signing for me!

I knew God worked in “Kairos time” (meaning His timing), but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I have been in complete awe and shock, because this just seems so surreal to me! I kept saying to myself, “Somebody wants to PAY to hear me speak”!!!! Not only that, I have been tapped to be Guest Speaker of my church and I’ve already booked other paid speaking engagements as well! God is truly good, and I am forever grateful, thankful and appreciative of Him for answering prayers.

There were so many times and days that I thought I’d never get anything I prayed for. It seems I kept sending up requests, and not getting a “yes” in return. However, the “yes” was always there; I simply had to wait for it! Just think, who would’ve known what would’ve happened, had I decided to not “hold on”. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wanted to give up, because I felt it would’ve been better than staying the course.

I know this is only the beginning for me, and I am so grateful and anticipate the things God has in store for me! You too are probably wanting to throw in the towel and quit, but remember, “NO WHITE FLAGS” (see my previous post on this)! You maybe tired and want to just let go, but “hold on, it gets better”!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Get comfortable

Never change yourself to fit the description of what someone else says you should be, because in the end, you might not like the person you’ve become! I’ve always had people against me, particularly women, who stopped at nothing to tear me down. No matter what I did….it wasn’t good enough! No matter what the issue was….I was to blame. But, no matter what they did to sabotage me….I was never destroyed!

Time and time again, my strength is tested, and regardless of how hard the battles or bullsh*t gets, I still win! My enemies are strategic in their plans to bring about my demise, but I’m still standing, leaving them baffled as to why I haven’t fallen yet. After many failed attempts, they try to break me with their words. They talk about me to no end, and when they do…..I let them.

They judge me based upon someone else’s feelings of me, and when they do…..I let them. They try to make me out to be the bad guy, and when they do……I let them. I “let them” do a lot of things, but one thing I won’t, is let them get comfortable! Haters, enemies and jealous individuals have no place in my life, nor will I lower myself to their level, just so they can be seated.

Despite how bad things get, I just keep getting better. I’m no longer hurt by the things that used to hurt me, and when people invite me to a fight, I don’t RSVP to their games. I’m a self-respecting businesswoman, entrepreneur and millionaire (it’s coming) and I’ve got too much to lose! I’m being elevated higher and higher, so the more I go up, the less I’m able to see down (I don’t need to see my haters anyway).

Don’t allow anyone to get comfortable with misery in your life, just because they are uncomfortable in theirs!

Until next time my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Don’t reject rejection

“I’ve met rejection many times in my life, and although I’m not a “fan” of it, I still respect it!

I don’t think anyone can say with honesty, that they like being told “no”! Whether it be “no”, you didn’t get the job, “no”, you didn’t get accepted into our school or the dreadful, “no”, I’m not interested in you! #Yikes……Talk about a blow to the heart! Although you’ve been hit time and time again, usually, it’s what comes after the “hit” that’s most important.

**Helps you off the ground** Okay, now that you’re up, let’s process why you got knocked down in the first place, and was it even worth the “fall”. So, you’ve put in application after application, and still no response, or it’s the response that you were not looking for, “Thank you for your interest in our company, but….and usually, it’s the “but” that gets us, because we know what’s coming next.

Here’s the thing: You’re not for everybody, and chances are, you’re going to get overlooked, passed on and rejected many more times in your life. However, are you going to keep being “hit”, or are you going to “put your dukes up” (hands)? You’ve got to learn that a “no” or rejection is not the end of the world, or the reason you should give up. No matter how much you are affected by the outcome you didn’t want, you’ve got to keep going.

You can’t sit around harboring resentment towards companies or people, because they didn’t choose you. It’s not to say you aren’t a good person or are incapable of doing the job, it’s just to say that there was somebody better than or more qualified than you. Not that you’ve received your “NO” and have processed “WHY”, let’s move to Phase 2: getting past the rejection.

I know we’d all like to think we’re perfect or don’t need room for growth or improvement, but let me be the first to say, LIES you tell! LOL! Everybody can improve themselves, no matter how big or small it is. Lay all your cards out on the table and do a self-inventory check. Figure out what area you are weakest in, and come up with a strategy as to how you can improve and become stronger.

It’ll probably do you some good to talk with your peers, family or friends, because they maybe able to see things you can’t. Trust me, I’ve been there before, when I didn’t realize the error of my ways, because I felt I didn’t have any (only the people who were constantly down my throat). It wasn’t until I solicited the perspective of my sisters and couple of friends, that I realized there was indeed something there, that I was either overlooking or simply didn’t want to acknowledge (see me growing? LOL).

After I took their perspective into consideration, I began to flourish and I’ve only gotten better! So, now that you’ve been rejected and processed the “why”, now you know how to get past it. The next time you’re rejected, don’t get mad….just say to yourself, “Okay, what could I have done differently”? Re-direct that would be anger into your strategy and work until you get the results (or response) you want!

Until next time my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Breathe! You’re going to make it!

Ever felt like you couldn’t breathe, no matter how much you gasped for air? You probably felt like a fish out of water, suffocated or caged almost, because the pressures of life was just too overwhelming. You’re tired, exasperated and struggling to survive and keep up. Debt is steadily accruing, bills seem to come more than they need to, and you have more problems than you do money, to solve them.

You’re up to your eyeballs in frustration, because you don’t know if things will get better or take a turn for the worse. By now, you’re probably spiraling out of control and feel as if you’re losing it. The life you was once in control of, is now driving you. At this point, you start to question whether or not you’ve made the right life choices. Not satisfied with your decisions, you become pessimistic and hard on yourself.

Sadly, this causes the waves of defeat to rage even more. This is it! You now have feelings that your life is over, well before it even started. With no hope to grab onto, you slowly begin to slip under. Everything turns to darkness, and you’ve settled on the idea that things just aren’t going to get any better. At the point of no return, suddenly, you hear a voice from the rafters of the shallow water, and you fight to come up for air.

Tired, exhausted and unsure how much longer you can continue to take the dangerous currents, you keep on swimming. Alas, you’ve reached the top, and you smile, because you know your help has arrived! Struggling to stay afloat, you see a familiar face in the distance, but you can’t make it out. Your vision is blurred, because the thrashing from the waves has irritated your eyes.

Immediately, the silhouette you see is now clearer than ever! With His hands outstretched, you’re pulled from the raging waters and back into His arms of safety. Now that you’ve been pulled from the rafters, it’s time to start making some changes…..and positive ones at that! Establish your purpose and know your “Why”, because that is going to keep you motivated and help you stay focused amidst life’s many trials and tribulations.

Prioritize, get organized and become a better manager of your finances. The unexpected will happen and raining days will come, but so will “the Son”. No matter how difficult your circumstances become, don’t ever feel it’s easier to “tap out” from life. You’re going to continue to experience some highs and lows (some of us more lows than others), but don’t ever stop swimming, because when He speaks, even the waters (problems) “be still”.

You can now take off your life jacket. B.R.E.A.T.H.E. You’re going to make it!

Until next my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue