Progress after the mess

Life will throw you many curveballs and present you with unexpected hurdles, but even when affronted with trouble, you’ve still got choices. Either you can be defeated or you can choose to overcome. Some things God place in our paths is not to stop us, necessarily, but to see how and if we react to it. Will we try to go around the blocks or will we allow the blocks to cause us to stumble? Sure, in most cases we will stumble, but if we remain in faith and close to God, He will not allow us to fall. No matter how many roadblocks you encounter (people and/or things), or how long it takes to get them out of your way, don’t stop until you’ve gotten all of them removed. For some, you’ve been removing the same people and things for years, but in all honesty, you never got rid of them, you only shifted them around. Sometimes, the only way you’ll see progress is when you discard the mess.

If it hurts you to know you’ll hurt them by letting them go, then let go of the situation and God will handle the rest.


3 responses to “Progress after the mess”

  1. Deetra, is it God’s wisdom to let go of the situation. Too often we hang on too long and do not listen and obey what God is telling us.

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    1. Thank you so much for this. I often need motivating as well.

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      1. You’re welcome!


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