On my own

Being around crowds used to be my thing, until I realized how much peace I have when I do my own thing. I used to be the biggest extrovert and conversationalist, and although I am (to a certain degree), I have become much more introverted, for a number of reasons. One, I value and craze my space and peace of mind. Two, my faith walk has called for much of my time to be between God and myself, as opposed to so many others. Three, I’ve always lived a very private life and I realized when I didn’t involve others as much, I thrived even better. Last, I don’t need the occasional chaos or desire the light from others, because I have my own, which is why I enjoy being on my own. I’m sure it has left some people feeling or thinking some kind of way, but I’m all to happy with finally doing things my way!

Occasionally I’ll make an appearance, but once I’m done being in the way, I quietly move out of the way. I don’t know why things are taken personal when people decide to grow, or I should say, outgrow certain situations and environments. Change is good; it’s been the best for me and honestly what I needed, as well as many others, but they can’t grapple with the idea of being alone, especially with themselves.

I challenge you to disconnect from social media and your social groups for one week. You’ll be amazed not only at how much you learn about yourself, but how much time you give to other things and people.


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