He’s here!

I can only imagine the excitement a couple feels after learning they are expecting. During the entire pregnancy, they are nervous and afraid of what could possibly go wrong. Things can be especially scary if they are first timer’s traveling through unchartered territories. As they make their way through each trimester, they can see the homestretch in sight and themselves finally becoming parents. They’re panicked, excited, and probably terrified, to say the least, but it all goes away when the doctor announces “The baby is here!” And just like that, the anxiety and fears subsides because the delivery has reassured them that all is well. Just like this story, God’s word reassures us to not be afraid for He (too) is here (John 6:20). It doesn’t matter what we go through (big or small, pregnancy or trial) God is always with us. Nothing can separate us from God or cause Him to go astray. He’s always on our side.


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