Arriving Soon

I’m expecting two packages within the next couple of weeks, that I’ve been waiting on for a while now. Thankfully I have the luxury of being able to track them to see where they are in the shipping process. As I watched the movement of my packages from the day they were ordered to the date they were promised to me, God gave me this word. Many people have been given a promise by Him, but He hasn’t revealed the delivery date. They’re upset and frustrated because they can’t track it, nor does He appear to give them any information regarding receiving it. All they’ve been told is to get excited and wait in expectancy because it’s making its way to them, yet the idea of not knowing is only making them more anxious. They’re starting to feel as though the promise has been delayed indefinitely, given to someone else, or even worse, lost. However, God wants you to know the promise is still good. He’s not given it to anyone else because your name is on it. It’s not lost; it’s in transit and you are going to receive it at its appointed time.

Stop moping and keep hoping that it’ll be arriving soon!


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