Too faithful to forget

Last month, I had a very much needed phone conversation with my Pastor. I had expressed to him some of my spiritual “hang-ups” and frustrations I’d been experiencing with my faith, amongst other things, as he attempted to uplift me (Yes, your motivator needs motivating sometimes). As I lamented, I talked about feeling lost, forgotten, and how my labor had failed to yield any fruit. He said to me, “Deetra, you’ve been too faithful for God to forget. He sees what you’ve been doing and when the time is right, He will reward you generously.” To all my faithful ones, as frustrating as it is, I encourage you to join in the wait with me. It may appear as though we’ve flown under the radar, but God is El Roi; meaning “He sees us.” Just a reminder, the promise hasn’t passed; it’s about to come to pass.

You’ve held on this long, so continue to.


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