Double Portion

I’m a person that enjoys food, particularly meal sampling, and if it’s something my palate has taken complete interest in, I want more of it. In fact, I want a double portion of everything. It’s not long before I realize I’ve bitten off more than I can chew (no pun intended). Because of my poor upbringing, I know what it’s like to go without eating, so I try not to waste food nor have any leftovers. On the contrary, I must say, for many people God is going to give you double what you’ve asked for.

Your portion will be in such excess that you will have so much leftover, ultimately deciding “What must I do?” Although the decision is entirely yours, I suggest you do for others what God is about to do for you; create an overflow. “How do you know these things? Are you a Minister?” I was recently asked, and my response is no. I just know that when God speaks to my spirit, I listen and share His “notes.” If you’re still scratching your head and saying, “I don’t know about this one,” don’t take my word for it. Instead take it straight to the Source. He knows best!


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