The long way home

You know that uneasy feeling that you get when you’re riding in a car, and someone turns to you and says, “Get comfortable. It’s about to be a long ride.” I imagine that’s how millions of people are feeling today, uneasy and uncertain about having to take the long way to reach their destiny. No matter what they do or who they connect with, it won’t get them there any quicker. As a result of one’s unwillingness to wait, many will often try and revert back to the old thing, because the new thing doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be a reality.

It reminds me of how God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promise Land, only for them to constantly complain about being in the wilderness too long. Because they had become impatient with waiting on the promise, they were thinking and having talks of going back to Egypt, because suddenly what they had was better than what they were waiting on. As a result of their thinking, God extended their stay in the wilderness and made them take the long way home (Canaan).

If you haven’t made it to where you want to be, don’t give up, complain or become complacent. Whatever you do, don’t run back to the past because you can’t see or don’t believe in your future. Keep trekking towards the promise no matter how far away it seems. I know you have been on this journey for what seems like forever, but sometimes God will allow us to take the extended route because there are people He wants us to help along the way. Nonetheless, don’t let negativity or poor thinking get in the way of your destiny. You’ll still get there. And when you do, it’ll be right on time.


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