The People’s Champ

Floyd Mayweather, or “Money Mayweather,” as he’s most known as, is considered to be one of the greatest boxers to ever set foot in the ring. His dominance, upper-cuts, jabs, and ko’s, has no doubt earned him the title of undefeated champ. His impeccable record is a lot to be proud of, as he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest to ever box. However, although he’s seen as great, he isn’t the best. I don’t care how many titles, belts, accolades, or how much recognition he gets, he’ll never get to say he’s the “best to ever do it.”

God is! Not only is He the best, but He’s the reigning champion! He’s fought (and won) way many more fights than Mayweather has. He’s knocked out all of His (and ours) opponents. He’s dominated the ring (earth) for over 2000 years, and still does today. He’s not only a heavyweight, but in a class of His own! No one compares or even dares to go up against Him. He’s undisputable, irrefutable, and immutable. He’s what we would call “the people’s champ.” No shade to Mayweather, because I feel he’s awesome, but not mightier than our God!


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