Protect your name

I didn’t realize how much weight my name held, until it became too much for me to carry. As I’ve matured, I’m very careful with who I give my time to and who I entertain. I realized that not only is my last name worth a lot, but it means a lot more to me. Therefore, I won’t place myself in the company of certain people or do anything to compromise my reputation, because the consequences could be a deciding factor as to whether I’ll get the occupation, an invitation, or compensation I seek to obtain. Do not be confused when I say invitation, because I’m not referring to a party or event, but the opportunity to collaborate with an individual or company that could prove to be lucrative and serve as a door of expansion. Unequivocally, I know I’m not “better than” anyone else, nor do I make any admission of such.

However, I do believe there are people who seek to destroy who you are and what you stand for, because they can’t stand the fact that others hold you in high regards. Not only is it best to not associate with these types of individuals, but you’ll also need to protect your name at all costs. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a celebrity, public figure, or come from a certain pedigree, so don’t think for one minute you don’t have any value because no one knows who you are. However, your enemies do. That’s why they try so hard to tarnish your image, because they know people are watching you and taking good notes. Well, let this be a note to you and serve as a reminder that sometimes, your name will take you farther than money will. Be careful how you use it and don’t allow others to abuse it.


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