Broken Trust

You’ve been with Him for years. More than likely, the better part of your life. You love Him more than you could ever show, and you’d be lost without Him. He’s the head of your household, so you’ve always followed His lead. Whatever He instructed you to do, you did it without any hesitation. After all, you were loyal, faithful, and dedicated to Him, so there isn’t anything you wouldn’t have done, had He asked you to. One day, He did something that not only broke your heart, but your trust. Now, every time He says or promises anything, you don’t believe Him. So, tell me, “How does God regain your trust?” 

Even though He’s shown you countless of times that He honors His word, you only remember the one time He “dishonored” you. Sadly, you allow that to serve as the stage in which you use to show God your disgruntlement and disappointment with Him. Yet, you know of family and friends’ constant betrayal, but you some how manage to forgive them. How is that you can continuously forgive an unfaithful partner, yet continue to hold a grudge against God? Especially when He’s been nothing but faithful. Never mind the fact that He’s forgiven you more times than you’ve probably sinned, but it doesn’t make up for the hurt you have within.

God doesn’t owe you anything, when He’s given you everything! The only way to get over your trust issues with Him, is by trusting in Him more, even when you don’t want to or see why you should, especially after you’ve been let down. Although God may disappoint you or let you down, it’s all for a good reason. Sometimes, that reason is to protect and better you.

Don’t harden your heart; give God a second chance. After all, how many has the given you?


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