Letting go of the anchor

“Smooth Sailing”

Have you ever been “cruising” along, relaxing and enjoying the everyday joys of life? Everything seems to be going well for you and you’re excited, because the goals that you have that once seemed so far away, are now in plain sight. You’re well on your way going “full-steam” ahead, with no plans on slowing down or coming to a halt. You’re probably in school, working, balancing family and dealing with the constant demands of life, but you’re somehow managing to stay “afloat”.

Stress is in full effect and you seem to have more problems than you do money. However, you keep pushing on, because your goals are almost within arms reach. Right before you reach the halfway mark, out of nowhere, you see one of the biggest “icebergs” (problems) you’ve encountered. Of course, you’re afraid and scared, because it’s larger than you in size, but what you fail to realize, is that you can maneuver your way around it.


Clearly, because you’re going “full-steam” ahead and have a lot on your plate, you graze the “iceberg” and appear to be headed for a wreck. Naturally, you’ll probably want to use an anchor to slow down, but in this case, an anchor simply won’t work (you’ll understand my reasoning why). Because you have so many negative factors weighing you down, you start to throw essential things you need (i.e. self-care, time management, rest, etc.) overboard, in hopes of not sinking. However, in order for you to stay afloat, you need to prioritize, get organized and figure out what needs to remain aboard or what can be “left at sea”. Only the things and people you need, who are vital to your success, are the things that need to be kept–everything else MUST go!

“Letting go”

Remember when I talked about anchors? In this case, anchors are not good for you! The intent of your personal anchors (negative people) are to weigh you down, so you can’t continue to sail unto your destiny. No matter how many icebergs (problems) you encounter, don’t allow your goals to become shipwrecked (destroyed). Understand this, although you may love sailing, you aren’t meant to “stay at sea” forever! Eventually, you’ll reach your destination, but, as for now, I wish you all “smooth sailing”.

Bon Voyage!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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