I don’t want it

I find it so cute, yet funny, when I see a baby being fed. When their mom or dad is feeding them something they enjoy, they’ll clap their hands, bounce up and down, and even make a face of contentment. On the contrary, if you feed them something they don’t like, they’ll close their mouth,Continue reading “I don’t want it”

Time to get off

When my sisters and I were little, our mother would often take us to Kress’, in historic downtown Montgomery, AL. Considering the fact that we were extremely poor, I looked forward to most Saturdays, because I knew where we were going. Extremely popular, Kress’ was a huge store, and one I considered to be anContinue reading “Time to get off”

Not yours to keep

Why struggle, when you don’t have to? Why live in agony and pain, when you have someone capable of taking it all away? Why carry such heavy burdens, when God can lighten your load? Why worry about tomorrow, when you don’t know the outcome of today? You’ve grown weary from pleading for help, and becauseContinue reading “Not yours to keep”

Letting go of the anchor

“Smooth Sailing” Have you ever been “cruising” along, relaxing and enjoying the everyday joys of life? Everything seems to be going well for you and you’re excited, because the goals that you have that once seemed so far away, are now in plain sight. You’re well on your way going “full-steam” ahead, with no plansContinue reading “Letting go of the anchor”