How does it feel to be outnumbered? Defeated? The feeling that the whole world is against you? Take a number, I’ve been waiting for you. Sometimes it feels easier to give in, than to stand up and fight. You ever get so tired of having to defend yourself to people, who have no value, place or purpose in your life? Great! Let’s link up and chat! Hopefully, by the end of this post, your feelings of defeat will be no more.

In all seriousness, I’ve always fought my whole life, so what people are doing to me now, shouldn’t come as any surprise. If anything, I should “expect” it, but we’ll talk about expectations at a later time. For instance, there are these “special” ladies that I know. For whatever reason, these “precious”, “sweet”, “caring” (I’m being totally facetious here) women often get the courage to try and outnumber me.

They hurl insults and threats, and fight with the other to be the first to “bring me down”. Time after time, I feel the sting from their thrown rocks, but it’s not enough to knock me down. If anything, when I see them, my feet are planted so firmly in the ground, that even their hurtful words couldn’t “blow me away”.

To be honest, I’ve never been exposed to so much jealously and hate, but I’m thankful to have withstood it all. I don’t know their reason (if any), why they despise me so much. I’ve tried to have conversations as to what the issue is, but somehow nobody ever seems to have one. All they know, it’s me! I’m flattered and thankful for the “compliment”, because it warms my heart to know people think the “world of me”, and I don’t even think of them.

You see, I’ve learned that some women are intentionally messy and intimidated by strong women. Because they aren’t comfortable with themselves or perceive you as a threat, they’ll do whatever they can to make you uncomfortable. This is why it’s so important to have high self-esteem and confidence, because during times like this, nothing or no one can tear you down!

My confidence, personality and looks are a solid 10, so there’s no way I’m going to allow a “struggling 2” to knock me off my high horses. Yes, I’m bragging, because I’ve come too far to allow what anyone say or do to compromise how I feel about me. It’s no wonder that when people can’t handle me by themselves, they recruit others for help. The sad thing about it is, the recruits are so gullible and have no mind of their own, that they allow others to think for them.

A lot of people have passed on the opportunity to get to know/befriend me, because their “friend” told them not to. Having no mind of your own has got to hurt! However, no matter how many people they draft, it’s still not enough to form an all-star team to beat me! I don’t laugh anymore to keep from crying…I laugh now, because I give them effort for trying!

I saw this post on Instagram that read, “Some people are about to be sorry they missed the opportunity to get to know you, because they listened to what somebody else said about you”. I feel soooo sorry for those people, but am glad that they are one less group that I don’t have to worry about!

People know when you have a lot to offer, are special or possess wonderful qualities in you, that they wished they had for themselves. Therefore, they’ll try to defeat you, outnumber you or do whatever they can to bring about your demise. Although it may be tough at times, remember they can only do to you what you allow them to!

Until next time my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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