It’s okay, you can come out now!

Imagine living your whole life trapped inside of a box, because you were so afraid of what would happen, the moment you stepped out. You’ve peeked, poked around and even removed the lid, but you quickly let the top back down, because you were too “comfortable” with where you are. Essentially, you’ve settled and become accustomed to confinement, because you know, no matter which way you turn, there’s nowhere to go. Honestly, you don’t care, because you don’t have any plans to move! Change is scary, but being complacent and content is dangerous!

For many years, I’ve held myself back from a lot of things, for two reasons: I was afraid and comfortable! I was “uncomfortable” of actually being successful, yet too afraid to want to experience it. Therefore, I did a whole lot of self-talk and talked myself out of some things I regret I let pass me by. I was not ready to go to the next level, so I desperately fought to stay where I was….comfortable! However, as time passed and I no longer wanted to be held hostage to the “mental box” I had confined myself to, I started on my exit plan.

I knew that it was not meant for me to stay in the same position forever, so I made a conscious decision to come out. I’ve prayed to God about my decision, and although I don’t know the “what”, “when” or “where”, I do know that He is my “Who”, and He’s going to take care of me! I will not stress or worry about anything, when I know He’s going to provide me with everything! I am happy with the decision I’ve made, to not only get “uncomfortable”, but to start living the life I want for myself.

Granted I did have major reservations and moments of, “Oh my gosh, if I step outside the box now, what will happen to so and so”, or “Are you sure about this”, but I’m more than sure that God is leading me to somewhere bigger, better and greater! I never realized how big and so much more there is to life, because I was so used to being in that box. There are times you need to allow yourself to become uncomfortable, so you can fulfill your destiny. Nobody likes “moving”, but once you get to where you are going, you’re going to be so glad you made the decision to come out!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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