Who are you?

You’re a liar, thief, cheat, and so much more, I honestly don’t know where to begin

Since I don’t have anything nice to say about you, I’m no longer going to play pretend

Sometimes, I wish you were more like her, because she’s so successful and incredibly smart

You’re a failure and have nothing going for yourself, because you always quit before you start

The picture above is so ugly, yet it’s hanging in your home. As each day passes, the painting becomes more and more real. After looking at it for so long, you notice it starts to resemble you. Rather than take it down, it continues to hang, because you’ve accepted the image to be true.

If people know they can get to you, they’ll destroy you everytime. But, tell yourself, “They can think what they want, because those are their feelings, not mine! Words have power, consequences, bring pain, but most importantly, they are weapons too! People are going to talk, and when they do, let them. Remember, everyone is going to have an opinion and have something to say about you, but who do you say you are?

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue