I make people very nervous or uncomfortable, I should say. I used to wonder why, but when I realized it was due to their own insecurities, I stopped asking questions. People were uneasy around me, not out of fear, but because I was a threat. When I speak of threat, I’m not talking about imposing physical harm. I’m talking about a threat that my presence alone gives. This is not an attempt for me to boast or appear more than I am, but to bring attention to how your success can make others uncomfortable.

People love fame and notoriety, but only when it involves them. Because they feel there is not enough room for everyone to win, they become scared that you’ll end up occupying their space. Plans are formed and attacks are made, but none seem to hit the mark; you! I’ve probably shared this before, but I used to cry (literal tears) to one of the seasoned ladies at my church. I always told her that, “I didn’t understand why people didn’t like me”. I mean, seriously? What’s there not to like about me?

It was then she said to me, “Deetra, people see something in you that they lack, but want. They don’t know how you got it, so they’re being mean to you, because they can’t get what you have. What you possess is something special, and no one can have it, because it was given specifically to you”. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about, let alone what I “supposedly” had, but it was enough to make me feel better and stop my tears from falling.

Six years later, I realize “what” I have and why people are uncomfortable with me having it. I am destined for greatness, and that’s not something a lot of people can handle or be happy with. Regardless of their insecurities, I still have “it” in my possession, and there’s nothing they can do about it! People will be envious and threatened by you, but don’t change who you are, just for the sake of making them feel comfortable!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

No longer the baby

“Honey, your father and I have something to tell you. You’re going to be a big sister”! As you watch their face light up, your world has just turned to darkness, because the spot (light) you’ve held for so long, is now gone. 1000 thoughts are racing through your mind, but the one that sticks out the most is, “What does that mean for me”?

Like the individual in the story above, a lot of you can probably relate. However, I’m not speaking about having a new sibling, but feelings of being replaced, left out or forgotten about, even. Sort of like your Freshmen year in college, you got all the attention, because everybody was curious as to who the “newbies” were on campus.

You probably experienced extra special treatment, because people wanted to ensure your first year was a success. Then, you became a Sophomore, and your title of once being the “new kid on the block” changed. Suddenly, you’re struggling to fit in and find a spot. “No longer the baby”, you feel left out and unimportant.

You’ve been shunned, and the light that once shone on you, is now shining on someone else. You’re desperate…..and will do whatever it takes to regain the attention and love you’re all too fond of. Stopping at nothing, you do all that you can to get people to “notice” you again, even if it means changing who you are.

Stop! Before you mess up a good thing (meaning you), I’d like you to consider this: positions change! You’re not meant to stay in the same spot forever, so don’t get comfortable! So many people miss out on great opportunities, because they’ve become complacent with where they’re at, and don’t want to move.

Advancement in employment is declined, because nobody wants the responsibility of leading (some people are good and perfectly okay, with following). Some women pass on a good husband, and men a good wife, because they’re too busy trying to turn the one they have into the one they want. Good luck with that!

The opportunity of a lifetime can come your way, but you refuse to give up your “something for nothing”. Sadly, you let your blessings pass you by, because you’re afraid of what the “shift” is going to do for you. However, you’ve got to understand that change is inevitable and sometimes it’s what we need most! You may be in a pretty good position, but there is something more promising and better on the way! All you need to do is get uncomfortable and move!

Until next time my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue