You can’t handle the truth

“You’re too confident”…… “You’re too smart”……… “You’re too ambitious”…… “You’re too hard-working”…. “You’re just too much”! Ever felt like you had to change your identity, all because someone couldn’t “identify” with you? Better yet, have you stopped loving the things that make up you, in order to be acceptable and pleasing to others? If youContinue reading “You can’t handle the truth”

When your feelings are tender, and the truth is hard

As much as I like to think I’m tougher than nails, sometimes I’m softer than Downy. For the most part, I’m one tough cookie, but there are moments I feel like I didn’t bake long enough, because I can be “soft to the touch”. Having said that, I am often guilty of having “tender” feelings.Continue reading “When your feelings are tender, and the truth is hard”