A moment of thanks!

I have been successfully running this blog for 2 years now, and it feels like I just started. For a moment of transparency, I created this blog to bring motivation, encouragement and hope…for myself. Yes, I was the in need of inspiration and hope, because I had lost mine. Essentially, I turned my journal intoContinue reading “A moment of thanks!”

I have decided…

Today, I decided I was tired of pretending. Pretending I didn’t care….. Pretending I am strong….. Pretending “it” didn’t bother me….. Pretending “they” didn’t matter….. Pretending that “words” don’t hurt me…… I was perfectly okay with living a lie, because it meant I didn’t have to face the truth…..or, the fact that it hurt! MajorityContinue reading “I have decided…”