Play until you win

When I was a young girl, I’d often wonder how God determines who is born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and those who aren’t. As I grew older, that thought remained, and my inquisition had become filled with many more questions. My concern now, was not so much the thought of ones pedigreeContinue reading “Play until you win”

Departing for success

Before you embark upon the new year, leave all of the old stuff God is ridding you of, right here! All of the things that have weighed you down and kept you bound, throw them overboard, because they can’t come aboard the new journey God has for you. So many people and things we wantContinue reading “Departing for success”

A bigger view

I grew up extremely poor, having lived in hotels, and homes completely unfit for any human. While I knew I was poor (as if my life wasn’t evident enough), I also knew that I was rich, and very rich, I must add. It didn’t matter what I lived in, the hell I went through, orContinue reading “A bigger view”

Break before you quit

“Hey, I did it! I’m (getting) out of Nursing School,” was the text I received December 02, 2021. “Oh my gosh! Congratulations!! I’m beyond proud of you, and always knew you could and would do it,” was my response. I was completely elated and happy for my former student, because I was supposed to haveContinue reading “Break before you quit”

It took awhile

A lot of our development takes place in the dark. Rather than shine the spotlight on us to highlight what He’s doing in our lives, God will often keep the curtain closed until He’s ready for the big reveal. Although others aren’t always privy to our journey or what takes place behind the scenes, letContinue reading “It took awhile”

No limits

As I gear up for the release of my new book, not only am I excited to complete yet another milestone in my life, but I’m beyond excited with what this book is going to do for the lives of others. This book was supposed to have been completed and released almost a year ago,Continue reading “No limits”

Do something

Many of you have been given a blueprint, yet you’re still questioning, “What’s next?” Do something, that’s what’s next! Stop making excuses. Stop being lazy. Stop waiting on help. Stop waiting on the right time. Stop waiting on people. Stop postponing your plans, because you’re still insisting on dreaming. Start building, or watch the blueprintContinue reading “Do something”

I didn’t forget

I’m often asked, “Where does your notes come from?” To which I always reply, “God.” I’m not saying that for points, to be cliché, or viewed as impressive, but it’s the truth. When I sit down to write, I have no idea what I’m going to say, until God releases it to me. I justContinue reading “I didn’t forget”

Clear the way

I have a 7-year-old niece who thoroughly enjoys hitting flips. Whether she’s flipping across the floor, on me, or from sofa to sofa, she is quite the acrobat. Whenever I’d yell for her to “stop flipping or you’ll hurt yourself,” she always replies, “I’m a gymnasts. It’s what I’m supposed to do.” Granted she doesContinue reading “Clear the way”