August 27th, I received a blessing guised as a loss So, I still consider myself winning Although one would think I’d be sadden and depressed I’m thankful and grateful for this new beginning……. On yesterday, I received news that I had been relieved, and I couldn’t have been more relieved. I had been preparing forContinue reading “Relieved”

Wait! You’re not finished yet! (You’ve been planted) Pt. III

“I see leaves”! Beautiful, shiny, waxy, bright green leaves! However, there are no petals attached. You’re almost out, but things aren’t quite “rosy” yet. You’ve made progress for sure, but something’s still missing….nurturing. You were given something very powerful, but because of your negligence, you can’t come to full term! “But, I’ve watered it”? SoContinue reading “Wait! You’re not finished yet! (You’ve been planted) Pt. III”