Steal the moment

I love traveling and vacationing, and any chance I get to get away, I’m leaving. Like everyone else, I enjoy and look forward to taking photos and creating new, life-lasting memories, but sometimes, those things keep us from being present. I can recall many special little moments I’ve missed out on, because I was tooContinue reading “Steal the moment”

I saw it

When God commissioned me to write my latest book, Surviving the wait: How I learned to be still and wait on God, I understood the assignment, I just didn’t know why it was given to me. As I struggled for months to relive what I had been through and am presently facing, I often questionedContinue reading “I saw it”

Bring the memories back

While most of us are looking forward to tomorrow, I’m sure there are those of us who aren’t. Holidays can be very hard, especially when you’re without the ones you love and miss. It’s been six months since I’ve lost my dad, and there’s not a day that doesn’t pass by, without him on myContinue reading “Bring the memories back”

Keeping joy

Anybody that knows me personally, would tell you that Christmas is my favorite time of the year! After Thanksgiving is over, my Christmas joy, decorating, and music officially begins, but this year, I didn’t think that it would. By far, 2021 has been the absolute worst, with me losing more this year than I haveContinue reading “Keeping joy”

It’s what I do

About few years ago, I and my then co-worker, decided we were lucky and wanted to play the lotto. Please, spare me! We sat and strategically picked our numbers, instead of going with the traditional significant dates (i.e. birthdate, anniversary), signed an agreement, and immediately made our purchase. Afterwards, we sat and thought about whatContinue reading “It’s what I do”


I am a huge movie fan, particularly action-packed and suspense, and whenever I get the chance, I watch Netflix to catch up on the latest releases. A little over a month ago, I watched Ice Road, an action-packed, suspenseful movie, directed by Johnathan Hensling, starring Liam Neesom and Laurence Fishburne, two of the more notableContinue reading “Breathe”

I can relate

Homeless and staying in a hotel? I have been there No food, water, lights, or gas? I have been there Experiencing never-ending trials and tribulations? I have been there Felt unappreciated, inadequate, and unloved? I have been there Felt rejected, ostracized, and constantly put down? I have been there Felt hopeless and at your wick’sContinue reading “I can relate”

Before their eyes

Why is it, that when people are down, that’s the time they are kicked the most? The situation itself is painful enough, so adding salt to the wounds is certainly not needed. A lot of times, mockery can be the reason you can’t get up. Every time you try to better yourself and make progress,Continue reading “Before their eyes”

Painful Profit

Last night, I cried a river longer than the Jordan and Nile combined. Being burdened is a lot to deal with, especially when it seems as though you’re carrying the load by yourself. Although God puts no more on us than we can bare, I can barely stand the little He does place on me.Continue reading “Painful Profit”


To all the mothers (whether by birth, adoption, or surrogacy), I want you to know that you are loved, constantly thought of, appreciated, and more than anything, you’re wanted and needed. While most of you are only celebrated once a year, I want you to know, Mother’s Day is not your day…everyday is! If itContinue reading “Everyday”