All Him, none of me

I don’t want the credit, especially when it doesn’t belong to me! Since I started this platform, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me to express their thanks and offer support, amongst other things. Although at times it’s hard for me to accept compliments, kudos and pats on the back, one thing I won’t do, and that’s steal God’s thunder (no pun intended).

I’m a writer, so I know firsthand what it’s like for someone to take credit for something you did, and they didn’t do. That’s why I refuse to cheat God of the glory and praise, when I know I didn’t do anything; it was all Him. Anything positive I do, it’s of God. I may be one’s source of inspiration or motivation, but it’s only because I’ve allowed God to use me.

My goal has always been to be a person who’s very genuine, loving and caring, that when people see me, they would see God (in me) and want Him for themselves. Besides, if it were not for Him, there’d be no me. Now do you see why the credit is His and none of mine? Sometimes, we go through things in life that we don’t necessarily like, but it’s not for us; it’s for Him and His glory. I don’t question why anymore, because years ago, He revealed to me the reason; you! It was all done to help YOU!

The next time you (or anyone for that matter) feel compelled to place me on a throne, remember, there’s already someone sitting there!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Judge if you may!

***Disclaimer*** This post is not intended to push the “agenda of God” on anyone.  You can read to understand my position, but whatever you do, don’t try to change it!

When I talk about God or reference Him “too much”, I’m met with eye rolls, stares of disgust and uncomfortableness (from them, not me). Quickly, I take the form of two popular emoji’s that rolls its eyes and erupts into laughter.  However, when I speak of God, it’s no laughing matter.  I’m very confident and secure in my relationship with God, and have absolutely no guilt, qualms or shame when I speak of Him. He has blessed me abundantly and brought me out of a lot of situations, some that my family and you all will probably never hear of! No, that’s not to say I’m ashamed of what I’ve done nor what He has done for me or brought me through, but when I feel the time is right, I’ll share.

The reason for this post or rant, whatever you want to call it, is because I’m beyond annoyed when people always want to push their agenda or position on me, but when I name drop God, suddenly, I’m trying to convert them or make them a believer.  They even go so far as to bring up my past, “question” my Christianity and whether or not, I’m truly “a child of God”. 

I’m assuming they are looking for a certain way I’m supposed to act, speak or be even, and if I didn’t know any better, I presume it’s very close to perfection.  **Cues bullhorn** I AM NOT PERFECT, nor do I strive to be! I make mistakes (and will continue) just like everyone else and just because I am a child of the Most High, that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to walk on eggshells or be treated any differently than anyone else.

So, you want to hold me to a higher standard than others, but why? Do we all not fall short of His glory at times? Are we all not human? So, what makes you open to mistakes, but tell me I’m off limits from them? You wouldn’t dare be sitting amongst a throne (a judgmental one at that), perhaps? The last time I checked, the very spiritual being you don’t want me to speak of sits atop one of those, and only HE can judge. I get so tired of being cast as fake, phony and false, because I will praise, worship and talk about God in one breath, and iron you out in the next. 

Yes, I know the goal is to strive to be like Him, but again, I’m NOT perfect, He is!  I think the thing that really gets to me the most, is the same individuals dousing judgement on me, are the very ones living in complete sin, while hiding the rocks of stone they so freely decide to cast upon me. Throw all you may, but don’t hold me to a higher standard for things I do or say, when you are literally driving in the lane next to me, waving.  Stop the foolishness, but more importantly, stop the judgement!

Some probably won’t get it, but I hope you get when I say, I’m NOT perfect, but I have an awesome relationship with God and will continue to boast on Him, while making mistakes along the way! I don’t have it all together (and never will), and I am actively trying to “get it right”, whatever that maybe.  However, “Note” takers, don’t allow anyone to change your viewpoint or stance on anything or anyone you feel so strongly on or about.  We can all co-exist with different beliefs and opinions, and just because some doesn’t agree with yours, doesn’t make them better than you.  Let them “judge if they may”!

Until next time my “Note” takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

You’re not late, you’re right on time!

You’re never too old to fulfill your dreams! 

Good Morning my “note” takers! I pray you all are doing well! On Saturday, December 08, 2018, I celebrated the release of my new book, “Let’s TALK” and my new business venture, CH1 Bookstore, Coffee shop and Lounge (coming 2019)! Despite the nasty rain and extremely cold weather, four of my friends decided to still come out and help me celebrate such a joyous occasion for me. I’ve always known I wanted to be a business owner, but I didn’t have the proper resources (still probably don’t), knowledge and drive.  

I’ll admit, I was incredibly lazy, and wanted everyone to do all the legwork for me…even running it! However, because of my controlling ways and OCD, I couldn’t allow “my baby” to be held in the arms of just anyone.  So, I did plenty of research (am still researching) and decided I was going to make this happen! I prayed, and prayed and prayed, and asked God to provide me with the guidance that I needed to successfully run a business, only IF it was His plans! 

After receiving confirmation, I began to think of what I would call my business.  After wrestling with so many names, I finally settled on “Chapters”, but that was not His intention.  Instead, while driving home from dinner one Sunday afternoon, I looked over to the car to my left, and the license plate read, “1CH“.  Immediately, I heard God say to me, “Chapter 1, because it is the start of many more blessings to come“.  I was so overjoyed and overwhelmed by emotions, and I couldn’t process what I heard. 

I knew then, that I had confirmation from God, and with Him on my side, there’s no way I could fail! Besides, I reminded myself of the scripture Jeremiah 29:11, which states of God’s plan for my life.  Even equipped with all of that, I’m still nervous, because I don’t know the first thing about running a business. However, I’ll do whatever it takes to commit myself to my business and making sure it’s successful. 

A lot of times in life, we often talk ourselves out of our accomplishments, because we feel we waited too late or are too old to do anything.  However, you’re not late, you’re right on time! Don’t allow others achieving their goals to stop you from achieving yours, simply because they did it at an early age, and you’re just now getting started.  Everyone has their own journey and go at their own pace, so don’t feel as though you have to keep up with anyone, for fear of falling behind.  

I am 34-years-old, and am just now setting out to accomplish things I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child.  I used to have the same thoughts and feelings of everyone getting ahead of me, which caused me to lose focus.  If anything, it only made me feel bad, because I felt as though they were succeeding and I was doing anything but.  After a lot of soul searching and self-talk, I convinced myself that I can do anything I want to do and be anything I want to be…no matter how old I am! So can you! 

Writefully yours, 

Deetra La’Rue