Do something

Many of you have been given a blueprint, yet you’re still questioning, “What’s next?” Do something, that’s what’s next! Stop making excuses. Stop being lazy. Stop waiting on help. Stop waiting on the right time. Stop waiting on people. Stop postponing your plans, because you’re still insisting on dreaming. Start building, or watch the blueprintContinue reading “Do something”

Destiny Robbers

Am I the only one who is excited and want to share their good news with everyone? I’m talking about the kind of excitement that causes your insides to burn, and the only way to make it stop, is to spill the beans. However, sometimes the things you let out, are meant to be keptContinue reading “Destiny Robbers”

Walking in the wrong direction

“Everyone has their life mapped out,” is a pretty accurate statement to make. Whether in your teenage years or adult, you’ve always known what you wanted for yourself. Whether it was good for you or not, you still continued on, because it was what you wanted. With each passing moment, you anxiously awaited until youContinue reading “Walking in the wrong direction”