Don’t even think about it

Have you ever wanted to start a business, travel the world or go back to school? Ever wanted to change your career field or move to another state, just so you can start over? I have, and I guarantee you by the time you thought about where you’d get the money, who would keep theContinue reading “Don’t even think about it”

Focus on the promise, not the problem

People lie, God doesn’t. People change their mind, but God stands firm on His. People make promises they don’t intend to keep, but God fulfills them all. He didn’t say it’d be easy, but He did promise to “Strengthen and help us”. (Isaiah 41:10) He didn’t say the path would be smooth, but He didContinue reading “Focus on the promise, not the problem”

Get it together

“Get yo sh** together”, are the words my friend so “delicately” told me. Although I’m being facetious, he was for real. During one of our many private conversations, I expressed to him some desires of my heart. While he didn’t think they were unreasonable, he felt as though the timing was just not right (moreContinue reading “Get it together”