If that’s how you feel

It annoys me when someone is expressing themselves, and while doing so, they’re cut off with the words, “Stop crying, and suck it up!” Usually, the expresser typically does, but why should they? Why can’t they let it all out, instead of being forced to keep it in? I often regretted when I’d pour myContinue reading “If that’s how you feel”

Making a difference

There are physical battles There are mental battles There are emotional battles And then, there are unknown battles All are hard, but it’s the ones you never hear about that seem to hurt the most! Smiles and laughter are masks that conceal, what people don’t what to reveal. Happy people hurt too, so don’t thinkContinue reading “Making a difference”

When you’re interested and he’s NOT….available

“Hey, do me a favor. Ask the guy in the “Communications Department” (not his true office…I don’t know if he reads here or not) if he has a girlfriend”, were the words I stated to my friend, Jeri. “Why can’t you do it, she said”? “Because, I don’t want him to know it’s me”! “OkayContinue reading “When you’re interested and he’s NOT….available”