Pick up your bat

Kids are so cute and precious, and does some of the weirdest things, which I’m sure most would have no argument with that. When my nieces and nephew played softball/baseball, I attended mostly all of their games, to show my support, and because I enjoyed the sport. I can remember many days passing the “Tee-ball”Continue reading “Pick up your bat”

Fight song

I have a huge and deep appreciation for basketball and college football! I love watching sports, but what I love even more, is the drive and ambition the players have. Week after week, they endure hits, injuries and losses, yet they continue to show up and perform. Are you one of those people? No matterContinue reading “Fight song”

Get it together

“Get yo sh** together”, are the words my friend so “delicately” told me. Although I’m being facetious, he was for real. During one of our many private conversations, I expressed to him some desires of my heart. While he didn’t think they were unreasonable, he felt as though the timing was just not right (moreContinue reading “Get it together”

Driven in a different direction

I don’t care what you want to do in life or who you aspire to be, if it’s not a part of the plan, you’re going to be driven in a different direction……………the one in which you’re supposed to go. We can be a bit stubborn at times, because we know exactly what we wantContinue reading “Driven in a different direction”