Change of plans

Have you ever wanted to do something, but when the time came, you had a complete change of plans? When I was in Undergraduate school, my career plans were to be an Attorney, so I majored in Political Science. Although I am not “into” politics, I wanted to be a Prosecutor, so I could putContinue reading “Change of plans”

I have decided…

Today, I decided I was tired of pretending. Pretending I didn’t care….. Pretending I am strong….. Pretending “it” didn’t bother me….. Pretending “they” didn’t matter….. Pretending that “words” don’t hurt me…… I was perfectly okay with living a lie, because it meant I didn’t have to face the truth…..or, the fact that it hurt! MajorityContinue reading “I have decided…”

Making decisions

Why is it so easy for us to hold onto things/people that don’t mean us well, yet we struggle with letting go of what’s not meant to be? It’s shameful almost, because in our minds, we’ve created this fantasy that we so desperately try to live in. We’ll suffer, endure hurt and pain, all becauseContinue reading “Making decisions”