Angry with the past

How many of you are willing to admit, 2021 took a lot out of you and from you? Not only was it cruel, brutal, and depressing for some, it was undoubtedly one we’ll never forget, although we’d like to. As a result of the personal calamities many of us have suffered, we’ve become bitter andContinue reading “Angry with the past”

A different response

We’re always talking about change, yet there are times we never really want it; we just like the idea of it. I used to have a student that would come to my office just about everyday, always complaining about her circumstances, and how it was her siblings fault, that she was going through such aContinue reading “A different response”

Necessary heat

Have you ever sat back, looked over your life, and reminisced on all the things that almost took you out, but didn’t? I do, time and time again, because I know that I could very easily not be here, but because I am, that alone lets me know, my story is not over yet, andContinue reading “Necessary heat”

Who I became

I find it rather funny at times, how I’ve always willingly asked God to use me to help others, until it started to hurt me. Some people have proclaimed the very statement as I had done, not because it sounded good, but it made them look good. While I didn’t do it for likes orContinue reading “Who I became”


Have you ever wondered why some people naturally gravitate towards you, and others don’t? Could your personality, style or “vibe,” be the reason for the love, yet also the hate? It’s evident that everyone you meet won’t be fond of you, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a likable person. What matters is whether orContinue reading “Broken”

Bad Address

“You have the power over your situation”, is a commonly used phrase, yet it’s also the absolute truth. For many years, I’ve allowed certain individuals to set the tone for my life, and ideally thought it was where I was meant to be. No matter who or what it involved, I chose to take upContinue reading “Bad Address”

The Refinery

A few weeks ago, I was binge watching sermons and wig reviews on YouTube, when a suggested video was waiting in the queue for me to view next. “How to make an engagement ring” was its title, yet I was trying to figure out what did that have to do with wigs and the wordContinue reading “The Refinery”

Change of plans

Have you ever wanted to do something, but when the time came, you had a complete change of plans? When I was in Undergraduate school, my career plans were to be an Attorney, so I majored in Political Science. Although I am not “into” politics, I wanted to be a Prosecutor, so I could putContinue reading “Change of plans”

She’s gone

For the people that don’t know me, I’m glad you didn’t meet me prior to the change. I rarely like to talk about the old me, because it only angers the new me. At one point in my “former” life, I was an angel on the outside, but an enemy was on the inside. EverythingContinue reading “She’s gone”