I saw it

When God commissioned me to write my latest book, Surviving the wait: How I learned to be still and wait on God, I understood the assignment, I just didn’t know why it was given to me. As I struggled for months to relive what I had been through and am presently facing, I often questionedContinue reading “I saw it”

Better than the former

Where you once lacked, God is about to bless you abundantly. Everything that you’ve lost, was taken from you, or withheld from you, God is going to give it back, plus so much more! I’m pretty sure you may feel what you’re up against contradicts everything I’ve said, but don’t believe the lies. What’s comingContinue reading “Better than the former”

The End

This year has undeniably been the worst year of my life! Every emotion across the spectrum, I’ve experienced, with most of them being on the bad end. Hit after hit, I’ve taken nothing but losses, and came very close to losing my mind. There were days I didn’t know if I wanted to live orContinue reading “The End”

Give it to God

I can remember looking through some photos on Instagram, when I cam across an image of God and a little girl, holding onto an old, torn, stuffed teddy bear. She loved the bear and wanted to hold onto it, because she had it for so long, and couldn’t dare part with it. Meanwhile, God wasContinue reading “Give it to God”

Grace taught me

I don’t get mad, nor do I get even. Instead of allowing things to fester, and worry about how to “get back”, I just sit back and watch as things unfolds. Grace taught me that! As I continue to grow, I now understand that everything nor everyone, deserves a rebuttal, let alone response. It doesn’tContinue reading “Grace taught me”

I was used

I’ve gone through a lot, but I did it all for you. I didn’t intentionally mean for things to happen as they have, because if the decision was mine, it would’ve never been made. Excuse me if I sound bitter, but I was used to make things a little bit sweeter for you. Do youContinue reading “I was used”

A better place

June 13, 2021, was one of the worst days of my life! My mother called and informed me that my father had passed. Although I was extremely sad, I wasn’t the least bit surprised, because 2 years prior, God had informed and prepped me that his time was coming to an end. The day beforeContinue reading “A better place”

Created for better

Have you ever sat and said to yourself, “I shouldn’t be doing this?” Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve always had the feeling there’s so much more to me than what I am, and whatever it is, I should be doing. I’m not quite sure what though, but for quite some time now, I’ve feltContinue reading “Created for better”

Bad Address

“You have the power over your situation”, is a commonly used phrase, yet it’s also the absolute truth. For many years, I’ve allowed certain individuals to set the tone for my life, and ideally thought it was where I was meant to be. No matter who or what it involved, I chose to take upContinue reading “Bad Address”

She’s gone

For the people that don’t know me, I’m glad you didn’t meet me prior to the change. I rarely like to talk about the old me, because it only angers the new me. At one point in my “former” life, I was an angel on the outside, but an enemy was on the inside. EverythingContinue reading “She’s gone”