You got it made

In 11 days I’ll be 35 and over the past 6 days I experienced firsthand what it meant to “live” I was scared, to say the least, because it was something I hadn’t done in forever Due to the life I “lead”, others may differ, but it’s only because “they’re out” and “i’m in” SpectatorsContinue reading “You got it made”

Happy Again: Adding the value back to your life

For a very long time, I felt lost (more like deserted), and I just didn’t know which way to go. If I went left, would things suddenly go “right” for me, or would I continue to wonder around endlessly, looking for my peace and joy…from someone/something else? Like you, I often found myself attaching myContinue reading “Happy Again: Adding the value back to your life”

Not your problem!

Being negative is a choice! People choose to be that way, because they are looking for two things: attention and someone to blame! Regardless of their antics, don’t alter your character to mirror theirs! Be the bigger person and walk away, even though you’ll be alone! We all have choices, and how people go aboutContinue reading “Not your problem!”

Are you really “living your best life”?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. ~Thoreau I get so tired of the overused expression, “I’m living my best life”, when what I see is anything but “best”. People have a tendency of putting on a façade, to give others the impression that they are having the timeContinue reading “Are you really “living your best life”?”