Hello, I’m Deetra La’Rue

Founder of Notes by La’Rue, your source for all things inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. My blog is founded on the premise that God’s word gives people hope and I aspire to use His word to change lives one NOTE at a time.

  • Broken Promises

    The temperatures had fallen below zero and my limbs and heart had become cold, as did I, when I hardened my heart to God. “I’m never going to get out of this place,” I thought to myself, “Especially if I continue to wait on God.” There I was in the abyss of my troubles, tirelessly waiting on God, but He failed to keep His promise. In my eyes, He was suddenly no different from all the other people I trusted and let me down or in this case, drown I should say. Frigid and afraid, I tried to soothe myself with positive thoughts, but the severity of my situation kept me on edge. Speaking of, I was literally at the edge of my rope, when I felt a slight tug. It wasn’t the help I desperately needed, but merely something to help keep me company as I waited for God’s return. During that crucial time, more than anything, I needed comforting, but God thought there was nothing more comforting than His word. And it came, and so did He, because God is the word.


  • I’ll be back

    I learned how to swim by being in the throes of the ocean, but it’s not the Pacific I’m referring to. Unlike the Atlantic, my sea of suffering had no end to its depth. I wasn’t surrounded by your sea creatures, discarded waste, and sunken treasures. Instead, I was encapsulated in the swallows of debt, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown. For years, God’s kept me hanging out at sea, wondering if I’d ever be saved. As each day comes and goes, so do my chances of survival. As I was thrusted to and fro by the raging waves of life, I called out to Him for help, but my calls went unanswered. “God, it’s me, are you there?” I screamed, as I could feel myself slipping under.

    Desperately pleading for help, I asked for a life jacket, life guard, and anything or anyone who could provide me with life saving measures, but still He remained unmoved. Astonished, I was disappointed and couldn’t understand how an omnipresent God was not present during the times I’ve needed Him the most. To say I felt forsaken and forgotten was an understatement. Honestly, at that very moment, I don’t think I felt anything at all, not even Him. Fighting to stay afloat, I tried to hang onto my faith and hope, but it seemed they’d already left me. I mustered up the little strength I had, and let out the biggest and loudest wail I could, “If you are El Roi (the God who sees), then how do You not see me drowning?” It appeared my final act of despair moved God, but not in my direction. “Keep swimming, He said. I promise, I’ll be back.”


  • Temporary not terminal

    Not everything you go through in life will be terminal, a lot of it will be temporary. Although the pain you feel may be intolerable and unbearable, it won’t always be there. The trials and tribulations won’t always be severe. The tests God gives you won’t always be overwhelming. The seasons you go through won’t always be less than plentiful. Everything has an end and when God is ready, He will end your sorrows and pain and replace it with joy. God reminds us in Romans 8:18 that what you suffer now is nothing compared to the Glory that He will reveal to us later. That means what you are going through now, is only temporary. Just because you are uncomfortable with your life and how things aren’t working in your favor, it doesn’t mean you should get comfortable by staying there. Don’t think that where you are now is where you will be in 5-10 years. God can change things and at any moment, He can change your situation and your life. You have to trust and believe He will.


  • Progress after the mess

    Life will throw you many curveballs and present you with unexpected hurdles, but even when affronted with trouble, you’ve still got choices. Either you can be defeated or you can choose to overcome. Some things God place in our paths is not to stop us, necessarily, but to see how and if we react to it. Will we try to go around the blocks or will we allow the blocks to cause us to stumble? Sure, in most cases we will stumble, but if we remain in faith and close to God, He will not allow us to fall. No matter how many roadblocks you encounter (people and/or things), or how long it takes to get them out of your way, don’t stop until you’ve gotten all of them removed. For some, you’ve been removing the same people and things for years, but in all honesty, you never got rid of them, you only shifted them around. Sometimes, the only way you’ll see progress is when you discard the mess.

    If it hurts you to know you’ll hurt them by letting them go, then let go of the situation and God will handle the rest.


  • Wherever you go

    Don’t let fear of fear of failing stop you from pursuing you dreams

    Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from moving forward

    Don’t let fear of being alone stop you from leaving an unhealthy relationship

    Don’t let fear of rejection stop you from applying for school or a job

    Don’t let fear of not having the resources stop you from starting the business

    Don’t let fear of relocating stop you from taking the new position

    Don’t let fear of everything keep you from doing anything

    Don’t let fear tell you that God is not with you because He’s with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9).