I don’t want it

I find it so cute, yet funny, when I see a baby being fed. When their mom or dad is feeding them something they enjoy, they’ll clap their hands, bounce up and down, and even make a face of contentment. On the contrary, if you feed them something they don’t like, they’ll close their mouth, and shake their head no. We’ve all been through this phase, and sometimes, I feel as though I’m still in it. The only difference, God is the “baby” in me. The things that He desires for me to have, I enjoy and am excited to receive them. When there are things He knows I won’t like and aren’t good for me, He makes it were I’m not “open” to receiving them. If you’re honest, you’ll admit there are some things and people even, particularly relationships, that aren’t good for you, yet you want them still. They’ve shown you on more than one occasion that they are not the one, but you say they are, although God is telling you otherwise. Has it ever dawned on you, that no matter how many times you’ve gotten close, it was always pulled away from you? If you have, thank God, because He was protecting you! Regardless of what it’s concerning, if it’s not what God wants me to have, then I don’t want it either!

Whatever God is telling you to let go of, release it. It just means He has something bigger and better for you!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

That’s Final

As a parent, how many times have you sternly told your child something, and then closed by saying, “And I mean it!” Much like you, God operates the same way. The only difference, He actually means what He says. I’m sure if your child cries or constantly asks you, “But can I?” you’ll likely cave and give them what they won’t. Moreover, they’ll even run to dad, grandma or someone else who’ll challenge your response, and even change it. That not only applies to children, but other things. For example, let’s say you apply for a job. You’re granted an interview and offered the position, only to later find out, the decision of the panel was reversed. All it took was for one person to step in and turn your yes, into a no. The thing I love most about God, what He says is final! Ecclesiastes 3:14 says, “I know that whatever God does is final. Nothing can be added to or taken from it.”

It doesn’t matter what anyone does to stop you from progressing or block your blessings, when God gives it to you, it can’t be undone.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

He showed me

When I wanted to commit suicide as a teen, God showed me I had a purpose

When I was weak, God showed me how to be strong

When I wanted to give up, God showed me why I couldn’t

When I was unemployed and didn’t see how I’d make it, God showed me a way out

When I thought my life wouldn’t get any better, God showed me it would

When I thought my dad would never get well, God showed me He’s a healer

When I thought I wouldn’t make ends meet to pay my bills, God showed me to trust Him

When I don’t know how to inspire you all sometimes, God tells me what to say!

God always reveals Himself to us. Question is, are you paying attention?

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

Lay Down

Worrying never does anyone any good. It only causes you stress, mental anguish and more than anything, it keeps you up at night, at least it does me. Not conscience of the time, nor concerned about it, I’ll walk the floor all night long, somehow thinking that’ll solve my problems. Rather than talk to God, I’ll talk out my issues, looking for an opening, hoping it’ll lead me to a way out. Yet the only thing it leads me to, is wondering if things will ever get better or take a turn for the worst. I get the feeling I’m not alone and let me share with you what God did with me, LAY DOWN! Stressing about your situation won’t change it, but God can! Go to bed and let go of the stress, and trust that God will give you rest!

Before you lay down, lay your problems down with God!

Until next time my NOTE takers! Deetra La’Rue

Until the end

Do you remember when you were little, and you and your friend “pinky swore” or “promised” to be friends until the end? Then, somewhere along the way, either trust was lost or you simply grew a part, causing the “promise” to become broken. I’ve had so many friends in my life (or I should say I was a friend to them) to come and go, but I’ve only had one to remain. He knows everything about me, good or bad, yet He still loves me anyway. He knows all of my secrets, and not once has He spilled the beans. Although there have been so many times I was angry or mad with him, He never stopped being there for me.

Unlike the others, He’s never turned His back on me, or stood me up when I needed Him most. He’s my best friend, but more than anything, He’s always been consistently consistent, and I’d be lost without Him. Our relationship hasn’t always been the best, but I can honestly say, I feel my absolute best when I put my trust and hope in Him. I know a lot of people can be possessive when it comes to their best friend, and aren’t always open to “sharing” them with others, but I want everyone to know, “my friend is your friend.” If you ever need someone to talk to, lean on, or go to for help, He’s the friend you’d want to have. I’ve been made a lot of empty promises by people, but He promised to never leave me nor forsake me, and He hasn’t failed me yet, and neither will He you!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

Giant Faith

I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with the story of David and Goliath. I’ve heard and read it countless of times, and every time I heard it, it gave me two things I needed most, courage and faith. Some of my biggest life experiences have been on the leveling field of David affronting Goliath, but unlike David, I haven’t always had the courage to fight, or the faith that I’d win. While David went “before Goliath in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel,” I’ve always wondered why God couldn’t be there for me, as He did David? Truth of the matter, God was always there! Like David, when I realized I didn’t need a sword, shield, or army to fight a giant, but instead have GIANT faith, I knew there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, especially without God!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your situation is, all you need is faith to believe you’re going to overcome. God didn’t say your faith had to be the size of your problems, only the size of a mustard seed. Even if you’ve only got a little amount of faith, it means you’ve got a lot.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

The Good Fight

When I was younger, I didn’t get into a lot of trouble, although my peers constantly seemed to find it. They were suspended or disciplined for fighting, but I shied away from it. I won’t paint the picture to reflect that I was a “goody two shoes,” but I will say that I wasn’t much of a confronter or fighter, but if you “mess with my sisters,” please disregard the aforementioned. However, as I grew older, I realized that whether I wanted to or not, at some point like many others, I was going to fight. I know as a kid, you were probably told to never fight, because it was bad, but not all fights are. As much as you want to run away, sometimes you’ve got to stay still.

Take the one that you are currently embattled in, for example. You could be fighting with drugs, sexual trauma, physical abuse, job loss, depression, mental illness, and so much more. Although you didn’t ask for any of it, you’re left with no choice but to defend yourself. It’s extremely unfair, to say the least, but at least you’re not in it alone. It may feel as though you have no help or anyone to cover your back, but God is there, whether you see Him or feel Him. I know you might not view it this way, but the fight you’re in, is actually good. How do I know? God’s with you, so there’s no way you will lose!

God didn’t bring you this far, just to leave you. Remember, the battle doesn’t belong to you, it’s the Lord’s!

Until next time my NOTE takes!

Deetra La’Rue

Don’t Accept That

I dream like everyone else, and like others, I want my dreams to come true. Around the summer or fall of 2020, I applied for several business loans, because I wanted to successfully start my café and lounge, but I was unsuccessful in acquiring the funds. After some time of crying and questioning why, I shifted my focus from being denied, to seeing how I could be approved. Although I know every company is different and have their own criteria, I wasn’t going to be met with rejection again, and just accept it. Those denials took me back to 2018, when I was working endlessly and tirelessly, to have my first book picked up by a Publisher.

Month, after month, after month, I was constantly being rejected or told “I didn’t have a good book,” but I knew that I did. Had I accepted what they told me, “Glitter but no gold”, would’ve never been self-published, and did as well as it has. For a few years, I begged this well-known influencer/blogger to allow me the chance to write for her platform, but she never granted me the opportunity. That created doubt and fear in me, and made me question, “If that woman didn’t want me to write for her, then I must not be good at it?” However, had I accepted that, I would’ve never created Notes by LaRue. Besides, I didn’t need her validation. God already validated me when He gave me the gift of writing, and the idea to create my own motivational blog. As I reflect on those three years I struggled, I now know why I had too. It not only strengthened me but taught me what I will not accept!

If you didn’t get into the school you wanted, keep applying until you do.

If you didn’t get that promotion at work, keep applying yourself until you do.

If you didn’t get approved for that business loan, keep applying until you do.

I know it’s so easy to give up, when you’re constantly being told no, but no matter how times you’re met with rejection, don’t accept that!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

Living on the edge


Over the weekend, two of my sisters and a cousin, went to Las Vegas, NV. While there, they went to visit the Grand Canyon, a place that I’ve longed wanted to experience. It was absolutely breathtaking, and filled with amazing heights and views, based upon the photos and videos they shared. There were two photos in particular that were sent, that not only caught my eye, but held my attention. When I saw them, I smiled because of their beauty (my sisters, that is), but I admired how they are “literally” living on the edge. Immediately, I was flooded with memories of our childhood, and how the things we dreamed of doing, we now are. We’ve always wanted to travel and really enjoy life, but poverty got in the way of that.

By God’s grace and complete blessing, we’ve been able to experience places and things we’ve dreamed of or saw on tv. Back then, I remember we used to play this game called, “That’s my car.” Whenever we’d see a nice, fancy car pass by that either of us wanted or liked, we’d instantly yell out, “That’s my car.” The Range Rover was always “my car,” until God one day showed me an Audi. It seemed everywhere I looked, there was a black Audi. It didn’t matter the year or model, all I knew, a black Audi was now “my car,” and guess what? IT IS! All that I am and all that I have, is because of God! I’m only able to live as I do, because of His allowance, and I’m thankful He didn’t allow anything to get in the way of that.

If you’ve ever wanted or desired something in life, and you have the means to get it, do it!

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should take that dream vacation, go on it!

If you’ve led a “safe” life, because you are afraid of change, maybe it’s time you start living on the edge!

Anytime you’re taking an opportunity, you’re taking a risk. The question is, “Would you rather take a risk, or regret you didn’t?”    

Until next time my NOTE takes!

Deetra La’Rue

Transportation Troubles

On yesterday, one of my friends shared an inspirational story with me, that not only made me smile, but caused me to think extremely hard. The jiffs of it, tells why people don’t like to be uncomfortable during seasons of uncertainty, and the things they have to endure to get to their destination. It continued by stating that our trials and tribulations, is the method God uses to transport us from one area of our lives, to the next. After reading the message, I smiled, became a little tearful, angry, but then relieved. While it made me happy to know that what I’ve experienced for the past 6 months is only temporary, I was emotional and a quite upset with God, because I didn’t like the travel plans He gave me.

I have experienced some of the absolute worst “transportation troubles” for a long time! I know there is a better way, but I know He had me to go a certain way for a reason; I’m just not sure of it yet. Since I’m so used to driving and being in charge, I figured this was God’s way of telling me He had to “take the wheel,” because I had veered off course one too many times. Needless to say, I’m still sitting in the passenger seat, with my arms fold, starring out the window, all the while asking, “Are we there yet?” This has been a very long journey and uncomfortable ride, but I know sooner than later, I’m going to be awaken by God’s voice saying, “We’re here!”

The ride may be long, bumpy, and come to a stop at times, but it won’t be long before you get to where you’re supposed to be!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue