Hello, I’m Deetra La’Rue

Founder of Notes by La’Rue, your source for all things inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. My blog is founded on the premise that God’s word gives people hope and I aspire to use His word to change lives one NOTE at a time.

  • Do what’s right

    I don’t know much about cars, but I can tell when something isn’t right, which is exactly what my car does when I let the wheel loose; go to the right. Turns out, my intuition was right (no pun intended). My car is out of alignment, which I’m thankful that it’s only that, considering things could be much worse. Luckily for me, each time I lost control, Jesus was there to take the wheel. A lot of times, we often find ourselves losing control over a situation, our kids, our finances, and our own lives even. We struggle to figure out what to do, when God is quite happy, we’ve lost control. Besides, He doesn’t need our assistance. He only needs us to recognize when things are not within our power, we should turn it over to Him, because He holds all power. He sees when you veer off from Him. He sees when you drive your life recklessly. He sees when you’re headed for disaster. But most importantly, He sees when you’re too stubborn to ask for help. You don’t have to do everything on your own accord. However, when you do, don’t be surprised when it gets you nowhere.

    It’s better to lean on and trust God. He can take you places you’ve only dreamed of. Your life won’t always be a straight and narrow path. Sometimes, you’re going to go left, but don’t worry. God will get you back on the “right” track.


  • Party of One

    I knew this day would come. I had been anticipating it, but I didn’t expect it’d happen so soon. I didn’t expect that the same group of people I thought would make it to the top with me, would be the same ones hating that I did. It’s probably because they never expected me to, considering I was once on their level. It was always us, but now it’s just a party of one. When they succeeded, we all celebrated. But now that I’m succeeding, there’s no jubilation. I guess I went up too many steps without them, but I can’t help that God has called me to go higher. He warned me that it would be this way. He also warned me that as long as you’re on the same page as everyone else, they’re fine. However, the minute He takes you further along in the story, they’re upset, because you’re now in Chapter 5 and they’re stuck trying to get past the first one. What they fail to realize is we’re not all the same and we progress differently. My progression just so happened to take place first.

    Whatever God’s plan or purpose for your life will happen. Don’t be upset when someone else’s time is before yours. You’re still going to get to where you’re going. In the meantime, help them to celebrate as you wait.


  • Table for Two

    Although I am very sociable and an extrovert, I’m slowly becoming an introvert. In a large setting, I used to be the one chatting up a storm. Granted I’m still amongst the crowd, I’ve managed to mentally tune them out. I’ve become much more of an observer than the one who’s always engaged. For a very long time now (years I would say), I’ve felt myself drift away from a lot of people, and I’m sure they know it. While I considered myself to have wandered off, God said He actually shifted me from the group to a table for two; me and Him. He had to take me away from the chaos and constant noise of the things that were happening, to prepare me for the things that are about to happen to me and through me. I thought, “Oh no, people are going to think I’m acting different,” not realizing God had made me different. I make no admission that I’m better than anyone, but sometimes you can be better than a situation, and when He sees that you are, God removes you.

    I used to love gossip, not just talking it but sharing it. I used to love giving people a “piece of my mind,” until it left me with no peace of mind. I used to love spending time with certain people, but I also really love and enjoy the time I have without them. As I grow, I’m seeing it’s become more of just me and less of them. I know it’s all for a reason and for some of them, we’ve come to the end of our season. I know everyone is probably not a fan of the “new me,” but I am. I love that I’ve changed. Besides, people should change, so stop expecting them not to. I love my growth and I also love the fact that, it’s just been me and God. My relationship with Him has gotten stronger, my faith has persevered, and I’ve become much better had it not been for Him leading me away. I’ll admit, although He’s never left me alone, there were times I’ve felt lonely. However, I knew it would be this way, especially when I agreed to live more for Him.

    As a person who’s used to being around so many people, God is preparing me to get used to it just being me. Many people are not happy that He took me from where I was (with them) nor are they happy with where I’m going. I understand they’re hurt, but they need to understand it’s my journey and there’s a reason God’s not allowing them on it.

    Some days it’s just going to be you and God, and then just you. You’ve got to be okay with that.


  • Blue Christmas

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, I know many people have the most important day/holiday (at least for me) on their minds. Honestly, it’s been on my radar for months now. In fact, I put up my Christmas decorations weeks ago. I’m sure many have considered it to be a bit “too early,” but does one feel the same when they celebrate their birthday days or weeks in advance? Needless to say, I know many people are already struggling to think of what to get their kids, family, friends, or significant other, a well as how they’re going to afford it. Christmas shopping used to not only cause my unnecessary stress and debt, but it made my Christmas somewhat blue. I’ve always loved my family, but it made me feel bad and guilty even, when I couldn’t afford to buy them gifts.

    That’s one of the primary reasons why I stopped gift giving, not to mention, it’s not what Christmas is really about. I guess you could say that it is, considering Jesus is the greatest gift we’ve been given. I’m sure everyone you ask will probably tell you they love receiving and gifts, but nothing is more upsetting when you can’t give one in return. Or if you do and the person doesn’t like it, let alone appreciates it. Nevertheless, if you have your mental and physical health, family, and friends, you have all that you need. Christmas is not meant to be gloomy, when the One we’re celebrating (at least some of us) has brought us such much light. Don’t let what you can’t financially do stop what you can do, and that’s to be of love, joy, and good cheer!


  • Happy Thanksgiving

    If all you have this holiday season is your family, then you have all you need. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy this day, but with each other.

    Deetra La’Rue