Power Shift

It has been 72 hours since God shifted me from employee to entrepreneur! As most of you learned from my last post, I was relieved from my 9-5, but I’m relieved to know I don’t have to work for or answer to anyone ever again, except for me, because I AM NOW THE BOSS! I’mContinue reading “Power Shift”

Driven in a different direction

I don’t care what you want to do in life or who you aspire to be, if it’s not a part of the plan, you’re going to be driven in a different direction……………the one in which you’re supposed to go. We can be a bit stubborn at times, because we know exactly what we wantContinue reading “Driven in a different direction”

Set a part

Ever wonder why you your vibe doesn’t mesh well with someone else? Or, why you just can’t get on the same wavelength as them? It seems no matter how hard you try to adjust, you just can’t seem to get “in tune”. There’s a disconnect, and you’ve been set a part for a reason. You’reContinue reading “Set a part”