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  • Discriminate Prayers

    A few days ago I spoke about how God will not misplace your prayers, nor will He discriminate against them. I’m reminded that when Hannah, one of two wives of Elkanah, was barren, she prayed to God that He would fill her empty womb, and He did. Although she was bullied and harassed by Penninah, the other wife, who had children, when she had none, God didn’t forget Hannah. I’m sure she probably thought at some point why her prayers went unanswered, especially when she was doing everything to honor God.

    However, just because God didn’t answer her immediately, doesn’t mean He was discriminatory against her. He was simply waiting for the appointed time. The same can be said for Sarah, wife of Abraham, as she too experienced barrenness for many years. I want to tell you today, just because God is showing out in the life of others, doesn’t mean He won’t show up in yours. He can handle anything that you’re praying about. He loves and provides for you just as He has the others you see. He doesn’t have anything against you, because He is for you. He reigns on the just as He does the unjust, even when you think they don’t deserve it.

    God is capable of giving you anything you ask for. If you haven’t received it yet, it’s not that He’s forgotten or discriminating against you; it’s because He’s preparing you. Keep praying, being faithful, and wait on God. He’s going to reward you for it.


  • Positive Affirmations

    I will love my life at every stage. Even if it’s ugly, God will make it beautiful.

    I will see myself the way God does. I am who He says I am, and not who I pretend to be.

    I will steward well what God has entrusted me with. Not because I want more, but because I want Him to know He can trust me.

    I will not return to anyone or anything God has rescued me from, especially when it/they took His place.

    I will not measure my happiness off of social media. Pictures and reels will never show you what’s really going on.

    I will embrace all bad days. Contrary to popular belief, every day is not good.

    I will think and speak positive of myself and over my life. Things will only get better from here.

    Whether you say it in the mirror or post sticky notes, learn to positively reaffirm yourself. You can’t wait for people to speak encouragement over your life, because some of them don’t care about it…or you.


  • Misplaced prayers

    Ever sat your keys down and when it came time to use them, you’d forgotten where you’d put them? Frantically, you searched high and low, not being able to recall where you’d placed them, yet you knew they were nearby. Tearing the house apart, you went from room to room in hopes of finding what you’d lost. After what seemed like an eternity, you found them, openly laying in a place you had previously combed; they were nearby, all along, and so is God. Like those misplaced keys, we often wonder if God has misplaced our prayers. Did He set our requests down and forget about them, because it’s taking to long for them to be fulfilled. Perhaps, He has so many people coming to Him at once, that their prayers have somehow overshadowed yours, thus causing Him to forget you. However, God has not forgotten about you and your needs. He knows what your needs are before you do, and He will take care of them. He’s not set you down to the wayside and said, “I’ll get to you later,” because as soon as you prayed, He immediately started working everything out. When the timing is right, God will get you caught up with your prayers.

    Be steadfast in praying and don’t ever give up “looking” for God to answer.


  • In His control

    I was awakened a little after 3AM this morning, to texts and a phone call of concern. “Are you in a safe place?” My colleague and friend texted. When she’d gotten no response, she then called. “Hey, I’m up watching the news, and a tornado is on top of you.” I exclaimed, “What?” Before thanking her for her concerns as I struggled to go back to sleep. Then, I received another text from my cousin. “Are you okay? My son and I are watching the news and see a tornado is headed your way. He realized it’s where you lived and asked me to check on you. We love you.” I replied, “Hey, I’m okay. Thanks, and I love y’all too.” Once again, I put the phone down and struggled to go back to sleep.

    Prior to the call and texts, I’d slept through most of the storm. It wasn’t until they had awakened me that I saw the lightening flash, heard the loud thundering, and heavy rain slapping against my window. Even then, I quietly whispered a prayer to God and dozed off to sleep, because I knew He’d protect me from the storm. No, I didn’t get up and find a hiding place or safe place, because I was already safe in bed. God immediately brought to my memory how when He, Peter, and others were in the boat in the middle of the storm. He was asleep and the others were awake, frightened, and calling out to Him for help. As He awoke, He questioned their faith and quietened the storm. It was then they realized how powerful He was, because even the weather had to obey Him.

    Throughout life, we all will encounter storms. Rather than be afraid, seek refuge in God. He can control anything and take care of everything, including you.


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    I’m stubborn, at least I can be at times. For most of my adult life, I’ve tried to do everything in my own strength and will. I often went ahead of God because He was taking too long and I (thought I) knew what I was doing. When I lived my life outside the will of God, so much chaos and trouble came my way. The control I once possessed and tried to make everything right, only caused me to spiral out of control. I constantly struggled to do things my way, and then I got tired. Tired of the defeat, tired of not getting ahead, and tired of not giving way to God. I had no choice but to surrender. When my life looked nothing as I’d hoped it would, I tried desperately to change it. Even when I tried to change it, I still couldn’t. I didn’t have the strength to, but God changes our lives in His own strength. I didn’t need to do it because He did. When I surrendered and changed my approach to how I handled my situation, God changed it for me.

    I heard a message that said, “This year doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to God. Let Him lead the way.” We won’t always be able to handle everything that comes out way, but we can trust that God can (and will).