Hello, I’m Deetra La’Rue

Founder of Notes by La’Rue, your source for all things inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. My blog is founded on the premise that God’s word gives people hope and I aspire to use His word to change lives one NOTE at a time.

  • Thank You

    Dear Notetakers,

    Today is my 4-year blog anniversary of Notes by La’Rue, and I couldn’t be prouder. I’m proud that God gave me a platform to inspire, motivate, and encourage people. I’m proud that I pushed myself beyond the limit and didn’t give up on writing during the many times I wanted to. I’m proud that I still get traffic to NBL, especially when I thought people would give up on it. I’m proud that no one has expressed their frustration or disdain for me talking about God and Jesus all the time, although if they did, it still wouldn’t stop me. I’m proud that I am living out one of my dreams, and I can only hope that my words (notes) have inspired you to do the same.

    Thank you, for 4 years of continued support! Cheers to the next chapter of my big open “note” book!


  • A long road

    I’ve been overweight and struggled my entire life to get healthy and lose the pounds. At one point, I was successful and lost 50lbs, but became a little too comfortable, so I gained it back plus more. I was very disappointed because it was a lot of hard work, I put into eating healthier and maintaining a great workout regimen. I was dedicated and more focused then and it’s been quite challenging to do the same now. While the journey to “one”derland (a milestone you’ve reached when you weigh less than 200 lbs.), has been a long road, I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal.

    I’ve realized that everything we want in life won’t always come easy to us. For some, it may take weeks or months and others it may take years. We all won’t have the same journey or travel the same road, but it doesn’t matter how brutal, winding, or never-ending it may seem, eventually we’ll get there. Besides, the goal isn’t just about reaching our destination, but what we learned on the way. That, along with never giving up, is truly our greatest reward.


  • I object

    I was reading various news articles on yesterday, and one was concerning the Grammys. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the music awards show, but for those who aren’t, the Grammys is the “Oscars” of the music industry. As I read and even questioned some of the nominees, I noticed in particular that one of the music industry’s “favorite” female rappers was not listed in one of the more prestigious categories. I immediately went to the comment section because I knew it would be on fire. “Oh my gosh, she (well-known female rapper) was robbed.” “I can’t believe they left her out, when she’s the goat (greatest of all time).” “How can a female rapper who’s only been on the music scene for a few months, be nominated over someone who’s been in the game for years?” Were some of the responses I read. After having enough of the foolishness, I responded aloud but not on the thread. “One can’t measure a person’s accolades based upon the amount of time they put into working. What God has for someone is for them. He may have one person to work 50 years to acquire a certain level of success and recognition, and another person only 5 months. Whichever route He takes you on, you’re destined to win.

    Don’t let someone question your longevity, label you an overnight success, or accuse you of doing the bare minimum to get to where you are.  Whether you achieve your goals in 5 days or 5 years, makes no difference. All that matters is you did it, and no one can take away what you’ve earned. There will be people who object to your success, but don’t subject yourself to their opinions. If anything, you should be proud of your accomplishments.


  • The filling station

    Whenever God presents me with a new opportunity, particularly a job, I always ask the same three questions:

    1. How long will I be here?
    2. Who will benefit from me being here?
    3. Why am I here?

    Of course, He never answers #1 (at least not immediately), but He never fails to provide me with answer #3. Every job I’ve had, was a filling station. All the knowledge and skills I acquired were used to get me to my next location, until I reached my final destination. While there have been times I wanted to keep driving and not stop when God told me to, I got off on my intended exit, because it is imperative for me to get what I need for where I’m going. It won’t always make sense, but do know that where you are is only preparing (and propelling) you to where you will end up next. God makes no mistake in the path He chooses for your journey. You might not like it, but you’re going to love where it takes you. No matter how frustrating things get, stay the course. You’re (already) headed in the right direction.


  • You can recover

    Two months ago, I had to cancel an assignment because of Hurricane Ian. I was scheduled for a couple of meetings, but what we thought was excessive heavy rain, turned out to be much worse than we’d imagined. Ian was very deadly and destructive and left thousands of people without their homes, power, and personal belongings. While they can never reclaim the loss of life, they can certainly recover from the storm. As with any storm in life (not just involving the elements), no matter how severe or life-changing it is, you can bounce back. It may take you months or years to rebuild, but you’ll come back stronger than ever before. We never know when life may throw us curveballs, so we can’t always prepare for them. However, what we can do is prepare to be given back more than what we lost.

    Rainbows still come after storms; you just have to find them. Don’t allow what you’ve gone through to convince you that it’s the end because it’s not. It’s only the start to something more beautiful.