Hello, I’m Deetra La’Rue

Founder of Notes by La’Rue, your source for all things inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. My blog is founded on the premise that God’s word gives people hope and I aspire to use His word to change lives one NOTE at a time.

  • Wherever you go

    Don’t let fear of fear of failing stop you from pursuing you dreams

    Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from moving forward

    Don’t let fear of being alone stop you from leaving an unhealthy relationship

    Don’t let fear of rejection stop you from applying for school or a job

    Don’t let fear of not having the resources stop you from starting the business

    Don’t let fear of relocating stop you from taking the new position

    Don’t let fear of everything keep you from doing anything

    Don’t let fear tell you that God is not with you because He’s with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9).


  • Ready to eat

    “Is anyone else ready to eat from that table God promised to prepare for them in the presence of their enemies?” (Psalms 23:5) It can be difficult waiting to be fed by God, especially when He doesn’t tell you when dinner will be served. Although you may be ready to feast, I for one certainly am, God is not finished with the preparation. It’s taking a while, but He certainly is cooking up something exquisite and special just for you. You don’t have to beg Him for it because once it’s done, He’s going to excitedly serve you. Like me, I know you’ve been waiting on Him forever, but if it’s any consolation, at least you won’t have to make a reservation, because He’s already secured your seat at the table. Try to hang in there. I’m hopeful (and praying) that the wait is almost over.


  • Something is coming

    Elijah had Elisha to continuously go to the mountaintop during the midst of a drought because he knew something was coming, and the rain eventually fell.

    Noah built the arc because he knew something was coming, and the flood eventually came through.

    God sent Jesus to save the world because He knew something was coming, so He came and died for our sins.

    God has sent trials, tribulations, and destruction your way because He knows the magnitude of some of the things that’s coming, and eventually you’ll receive the provision.

    It doesn’t matter what you go through or how long you have to wait, never give up because God is working on something.


  • He knows

    Just like God knows your name, the number of hairs on your head, the trials you’ve gone through, and the pain you’re suffering, He knows it won’t be for long. I am mentally and physically tired and have been for almost four months. It seems I have been running on E forever and I keep asking, “God when?” When will everything around me slow down so I can catch up? I feel as though I never have enough time in a day to do the major things, let alone the minor things I used to enjoy doing. In my prayer time this morning, I pleaded to God for rest; physical rest more than anything, but to rest in His promises and have hope and faith that soon the race will be over. I don’t know why God has me in this marathon. However, what I do know is that He knows what I’m running to is far greater than what I’m leaving behind.

    We might not know why God has us doing a million things at once. Maybe it’s to prepare us for what lies ahead or to simply get us ahead. Whatever the reason(s) are, no one knows, but He does. Even in the midst of your tiredness, trust me, God knows.


  • Worrying about when

    I speak a lot on worrying, and I’ve learned it is one of the most debilitating forms of anxiety. You’re constantly on edge and looking for bad things to happen, because your mind sends an overload of signals to warn you that something will (although it usually doesn’t). Oftentimes I’ll have anxiety for days on end, but it’s only because I’m constantly worrying about when. When will I get the promotion? When is God going to increase my finances? When is God going to send me my husband? When will I have kids? When will I get the multi-million dollar book deal? Or my all-time favorite, when will I no longer worry? The answer is simple, who knows when. Yet, what I do know is instead of worrying about when it’s going to happen, I’m looking to the One who is going to make it happen, God.

    The Bible tells us to not worry about anything but instead pray to God about everything (Philippians 4:6-7, NLT). I won’t pretend that I always do, but when I do, He always eases my fears (anxiety). When was the last time you gave your struggles to God?