Temporary not terminal

Not everything you go through in life will be terminal, a lot of it will be temporary. Although the pain you feel may be intolerable and unbearable, it won’t always be there. The trials and tribulations won’t always be severe. The tests God gives you won’t always be overwhelming. The seasons you go through won’t always be less than plentiful. Everything has an end and when God is ready, He will end your sorrows and pain and replace it with joy. God reminds us in Romans 8:18 that what you suffer now is nothing compared to the Glory that He will reveal to us later. That means what you are going through now, is only temporary. Just because you are uncomfortable with your life and how things aren’t working in your favor, it doesn’t mean you should get comfortable by staying there. Don’t think that where you are now is where you will be in 5-10 years. God can change things and at any moment, He can change your situation and your life. You have to trust and believe He will.


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