Surrender to change

When you’ve been praying to God for quite some time and nothing has changed, consider that it’s not the situation that needs to change, but you. I’ve learned that I can’t pray everything away, because some things are meant to develop my character, strengthen my faith and test my endurance. All of the tests are producing the skills that’s I need to accomplish the assignments God has for me. Rather than lamenting with complaints, I’m working to shift my attitude to that of praise. I know it can be hard to praise God in difficult situations, but we must have faith and trust that He will bring us through. Joseph didn’t complain during his false imprisonment, David didn’t complain when he was anointed king and still resumed his shepherd duties, so why should we? Just as God used their situation to change and prepare them for great positions of leadership, He’ll use our situation to. We may see everyone being elevated and promoted, but God has a timeline for everyone and everything. Just because yours has yet to come doesn’t meaning it won’t. Instead of praying away your troubles, ask God to use them to strengthen you, so that you can in turn help others.


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